Kicking goals for women in need

Healesville footballers support women in need.

 Pre-season for the Healesville Women’s Football team has got off to a flying start with a great group of women meeting to train each Wednesday night at the Bloods training ground on Don Road.

“It’s been so exciting to see how many women are interested…we are going to make a great team,” Ali Bryan said.

She’s led the coaching sessions to start the season.

At the last session the women made an effort to donate products to the Christmas Healesville Inter-Church Community Care Inc (HICCI) drive.

They brought women’s hair, beauty and hygiene products to training to give to women that need the extra support at Christmas.

“Christmas time can be a stretch when you are raising a family and women can experience difficulties for all sorts of reasons at this time of year,” player Josette O’Donnell said.

“We want our team to be an example of how women can look out for each other and show support.”

Early next year, the sponsorship drive for the Healesville Women’s team will start and the group is looking for local businesses or groups that are keen to put their name to the side.

“The team have already talked about their values – and we are all here for similar reasons, to be connected to community, to stay active and enjoy the sport,” O’Donnell said.

“Some of the girls have played at high school or in the Eastern Ranges Competition but many of us are new to the game.

“Life can be hectic for women, and women’s footy training can be a great escape and way to enjoy yourself.”

The team would like to encourage any woman interested in joining.

There is no age limit or fitness requirement.

“We want to build a big team so that we can support each other to have a great season,” Bryan said.

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