Club Cross Country Champions decided

Under-7 and Under-8 girls with their championship medals. Picture: ERIKA BEDYN

By Jamie Strudley

The contrast in weather was welcomed by all who attended the Yarra Ranges Athletics 2019 Cross Country Championships, with the wild day of the week prior a distant memory in the mild and clear conditions at Morrison Reserve on Saturday.

The lure of being recognised as the best in an age group extracted fantastic performances through all the races as 54 new personal bests were recorded on the toughest of courses.

A wonderful atmosphere of support was provided in every race. All athletes and supporters remained for the duration to enjoy the medal presentations after the final runner had finished.


500m – Erik Beeson 2:52.19 PB, Georgia McKinnon 2:56.37 PB, Bryce Johnson 3:01.41 PB, Amelia Sketchley 3:07.29 PB, Scarlett Da Costa 3:43.78, Harlem Willis 3:53.25, Annabelle Cannon 3:54.06 PB, Zara Gopal 3:56.56, Riley Yorke 4:04.69 PB, Winter Anderson-Bonsor 4:07.63, Finn Brache 4:26.09

1000m – David Nackovski 4:40.20 PB, Kobe Coxhill 4:46.88 PB, Jack Brideson 4:49.93 PB, Tru Spittle 5:00.73 PB, Holly Yorke 5:09.79 PB, Bay Spittle 5:13.00 PB, Amelia Eldridge 5:13.90 PB, Jazlyn Carroll 5:15.33 PB, Finn Johnson 5:17.14, Tobyn Harris 5:21.54 PB, Emily Kinwel 5:23.46 PB, Ezekiel Ryder 5:27.64 PB, Lily Clarke 5:29.37 PB, Chloe Dux 5:32.26 PB, Chloe Da Costa 5:34.34 PB, Evelyn Ryder 5:44.40 PB, Mason Kincaid 5:51.14 PB, Mischa Gopal 5:51.80 PB, Hannah Brache 6:02.32 PB, Sarina Hathaway 6:02.64 PB, Madeline Cannon 6:15.75, Meadow Anderson-Bonsor 6:16.01 PB, Imogen Ryder 6:32.95 PB, Willow Brache 6:52.77

1500m – Mitchell Pointon 6:32.77, Zoe Clarke 6:35.87, Tyler Coxhill 7:12.79, Finn Rossthorn 7:13.55 PB, Willow Naismith 7:16.66 PB, Riley Vincent 7:26.31 PB, Tait Whelan 7:50.64, Beau McKinnon 8:11.31, Madeline Dalgarno 8:15.69, Emily Fiedler 8:19.29, Tori Kincaid 8:22.19, Emily Conroy 8:25.86, Kahlia Da Costa 8:39.46 PB, Aiden Conroy 8:45.38, Taylah Dux 8:49.81 PB, Guest Guest 9:03.07, Violeta Nackovski 9:16.69, Eloise Stevenson 9:23.59, Caitlyn Pointon 9:27.46, Zoe Bartlett 9:28.76, Acacia Anderson-Bonsor 9:29.74 PB, Heidi Portlock 9:40.50 PB, Chloe Granger 9:47.15, Tanaya Ross 9:48.39, Eva Johnson 9:59.18

2000m – Dane Cherry 7:58.82, Thomas Portlock 8:15.02 PB, Ciara Willey 8:24.38 PB, Scarlett Wilson 8:28.39 PB, Austin Leonard 8:35.61, Cooper Prescott 8:43.65, Aemelia Stevenson 8:50.02, Ollie Aders 8:58.10, Izzy Gough 9:02.73 PB, Robert McDowell 9:07.17, Stephanie van Bemmel 9:13.22, Kristina Nackovski 9:29.65 PB, James Granger 10:11.77 PB, Lily Clarke 11:00.16, Roxy North 13:55.66, Hena North 13:56.06, Landon Morton 13:59.17, Summer Hathaway 16:57.90

3000m – Joel Johnson 12:14.05 PB, Cameron Yorke 12:24.18, Rueben Johnson 12:35.83 PB, Peter Nackovski 12:45.52 PB, Ky Harris 13:12.94 PB, Bailey Van Bert 13:14.19, Dane Cherry 13:28.53, Zachariah Clarke 13:40.71, Rachael Gopal 14:06.00 PB, Jemima Wilson 14:10.96, Zoe Clarke 14:13.87, Tiara Willis 14:15.95 PB, Sarah Rollo 14:23.38 PB, Jesse Prescott 14:27.33 PB, Hayden Rooke 15:09.82, Bryan Ackerly 15:11.30, Nathan Murden 15:23.64, Jess Dux 15:27.29 PB, Andrew Bennett 15:34.73 PB, Ashleigh Rooke 15:39.16, Tyler Coxhill 15:43.05, Erika Bedyn 16:07.11 PB, Alan Harris 16:21.96, Rob Belli 16:45.23 PB, Katie Clarke 17:03.74, Nigel Murden 17:29.94 PB, Aleesa Keenan 17:37.32, Hayley Anthony 17:48.93, Renee Horsley 17:53.53 PB, Nicole Cannon 19:00.58, Marley Keymer 21:16.32

Next weekend, Yarra Ranges Athletics athletes will return to Margaret Lewis Reserve for another crack at a personal best on the challenging cross country course.

The seniors will travel to Ballarat for the 15km Road Race (6km for underage athletes) around the picturesque Lake Wendouree.

The club welcomes all athletes of any age or ability.

For information on training, how to join or trial, photos, results and updated news, visit or check Facebook.

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