Local artists exhibits pruning sculptures

By Jed Lanyon

Healesville artist Antonio Villella will have his artwork on display at Yering Station as part of the Harmonious Equilibriums exhibition.

Mr Villella has been a finalist in Yering Station’s Sculpture Exhibition for the fourth consecutive year, earning himself the right to return to exhibit his sculptures.

Mr Villella’s sculptures begin with the collection of raw materials once a year in autumn when he prunes his orchard. Branches are then cleaned from leaves and nailed to a bending board in a variety of curved shapes, where they will sit for several months.

“The process of preparation and construction is laborious and slow. The design is intentionally free and spontaneous. I try to interpret the rhythm and pattern of nature through the exploration of line, shape and texture,” Mr Villella said.

“My philosophy is not to predetermine what you are going to produce. To me spontaneity and an atmosphere of mystery is essential.”

Mr Villella said that his collection that will be on display took a total of four years to create and includes a 1.8 metre sculpture.

“I started making these sorts of sculptures about 10 years ago. It was purely accidental… I was pruning away my fruit trees and picked up a little branch and played with it and it just evolved from there.”

Mr Villella said he’s looking forward to having his work exhibited at Yering Station once again.

“It’s always nice to show your work and see people appreciate it. Most people when they look at it, they think it’s made of metal… They’re intrigued by it.”

Harmonious Equilibriums will be open to the public from 19 February, with the grand opening on 22 February. The exhibition will run until 29 March.

For more information about the exhibition, visit https://www.yering.com/visit-yering-station/art-gallery/.

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