Diesel’s ‘Greatest Hits and Alone with Blues’ tour coming to The Memo

Diesel (Mark Lizotte) is coming to The Memo in October. Picture: JESSE LIZOTTE

By Callum Ludwig

‘Diesel’ (Mark Lizotte) is set to rock the stage at The Memo next month ahead of the launch of his new album ‘Bootleg Melancholy.’

Diesel, who has previously performed as Johnny Diesel, the lead singer of Johnny Diesel and The Injectors and under his birth name, will be playing in Healesville on Saturday 7 October.

Diesel said his regional tour feels like the most encompassing show he has done to date.

“I’ve really enjoyed doing the show in other parts of the country, and those who’ve seen me before are going to see a lot of different facets that you haven’t seen,” he said.

“Especially in the theatre environment, it’s just so perfect for the show that I’m doing. The great thing about art centres and theatres is they just have this beautiful consistency and as an artist, it’s great to know that I’m gonna have a great setting to do my music with good sound, good visuals and everything else.”

The show at The Memo is the fourth of his ‘Greatest Hits and Alone With Blues’ regional tour and the last one prior to the 14-track album’s release on Saturday 13 October. Alone with Blues is his 2021 album that Diesel never got a chance to perform due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic at the time.

Diesel said because he couldn’t tour Alone with Blues in 2021, he started work on another record which became Bootleg Melancholy pretty much straight away.

“I’m still pinching myself when I get on the stage at these shows recently, I think all the travelling and all the trappings that go with touring are very familiar but when I actually get on the stage, it’s still kind of hitting me and humbling me,” he said.

“There are bits and pieces of all the records that I’ve made in Bootleg Melancholy, little bits that represent each record, but it feels like a new sound for me as well at the same time. I read somewhere one of my fans said ‘you always managed to sound new, but still like you’ which was good to hear.”

Diesel’s single ‘Forever’ has been lifted from the upcoming release and is available to stream for fans who want to get a taste of the album early.

Diesel said the jitters of releasing something is still always a bit like taking something to school for show and tell.

“You have those heart palpitations, worrying if people are gonna like it or not, mixed with excitement at the same time because I’m really excited for people to hear it,” he said.

“I think with this particular show, generally I feel like people have been walking away feeling like they’ve seen another side of me that they haven’t seen before.”

You can find out more about Diesel’s show at The Memo and get tickets at: www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/Experience/Events/DIESEL.