Season finale a success for Eltham

Kemp's Curtain Call. Picture: ON FILE

Eltham Little Theatre

Clue: On Stage

ELT’s final production for 2023 was Clue: on Stage

A farce about seven people who were invited to dinner by an unknown and mysterious host. The guests are unknown to each other and wonder why they have been sent an invitation. Then! Their questions are answered.

The butler who greets the guests was played by Emily Goode, giving a good projection but unfortunately her voice was not too clear and did leave a bit of a puzzle as to what she was saying.

Mr Green was played by Warwick Smith who was a nervous man but a surprise at the end.

Colonel Mustard was portrayed by Ryan Purdey. Good stage presence and projected well.

Mrs White was played by Sophie Stewart, an interesting character well portrayed by Stewart.

Mrs Peacock was played by Seona Murphy. A good performance and Murphy caught the essence of such a character.

Miss Scarlet was played by Del Jordan, a suspicious character and one not quietly thought of by the other guests. Jordan caught the character as envisaged giving a good interpretation.

Professor Plum was played by Philip O’Brien. A good interpretation of such a character.

Yvette the maid was portrayed by Kate Taylor who added to the standard of the evening with her portrayal. Mr Boddu/Cop was played by Jackson Langelaan. Giving a good portrayal of the various characters.

Two more cops were played by Vicki Smith and Kate Possingham, both adding to the fun of the evening.

James Anderson was the motorist and Chief. As the motorist Anderson had an unexpected surprise and as the Chief he carried the role well.

Last but not least was Lonni Allan as the cook and singing telegram. A good portrayal of both characters.

As it was the final show, ELT had the audience around tables and each person brought their own food and drink, which made for a fun evening and the play was enjoyed by the audience.

A fun night and a good end to a successful season by Eltham Little Theatre.


Little Women

Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott, adapted by Anne-Marie Casey and directed by Jenn Walter.

Christmas Eve, 1862, With their father away on the frontline of the American Civil War, the four March sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – journey into adulthood, each determined to pursue a life on their own terms. But growing up means contending with love and loss, as well as the myriad twists of fortune that shape a life.

Information Night and Auditions:

Come along to the theatre’s information night to hear more about the play itself, the director’s vision and take part in a read through of the script.

Please note, for this production CPP will be looking to cast those aged 18 and over.


Tuesday 14 November at 7.30pm – 10.30pm

AUDITIONS by appointment only:

Sunday 18 November from 12pm – 6pm.

Tuesday 21 November from 7.30pm – 11pm.


The Factory, Unit 20/8-71 Bayfield Road East, Bayswater 3153

Any queries please email


The Basin Theatre. The Sum of Us Opened 3 November and closes 3 December.

The 1812 Theatre Art 16 November – 10 December.