Horror show for hot weather

Kemp's Curtain Call. Picture: ON FILE

The Rocky Horror Show

Venue: Athenaeum Theatre

Collins St, Melbourne

A show about Brad and Janet who have just become engaged. The narrator appears and explains that Brad and Janet are leaving to visit their former science tutor. While driving into a rainstorm their car has a flat, so they get out and walk to seek a telephone in an old castle.

The Narrator explains that Brad and Janet are feeling apprehensive and uneasy but must accept any help they are offered. As Brad and Janet arrive, Riff Raff, the hunchbacked handyman and live-in butler greets them, and his sister Magenta the maid, appears. Riff Raff, Magenta and Columbia, a groupie, speak briefly of an unlucky delivery boy named Eddie who fell victim to unfortunate circumstances because he botched a delivery, before performing the show’s signature dance number Time War. Brad and Janet try to leave at this point but are stopped when Frank-N-Furter, a passionate, cross-dressing mad scientist, arrives. He introduces himself as a “sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania” and invites Brad and Janet up to his laboratory. As he goes up Brad and Janet are stripped to their underwear to dry off.

Season: February 9 – March 17.


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