The RACV ShootOut comp returns

By Ian Callen

RACV’s Golf Professional Ben Eyton-Jones runs a nine hole golf competition called the ShootOut on Friday afternoons over the summer months.

Last Friday evening he was finally able to conclude the 2020/21 Tournament between qualifiers Doug Smith, Kennith Emslie, Max Mcintosh, Steve Cubela, Laurie Tormey, Greg Urquhart and Roger Jones.

It turned out to be a terrific contest played in great spirit and it went right down to the final hole. In the end Roger Jones overcame a determined Greg Urquhart to win.

This season the ShootOut competition starts 3 December. To qualify for the final a golfer needs to win one of Friday events. A final is then played between qualifying golfers until all are eliminated leaving the tournament champion.

Over the years it has been a popular event but it has suffered during the Covid pandemic. So in an attempt to revitalise it, the Callen Column will not only be covering the ShootOut this summer but is working with members to add further interest in the form of after play prizes, awards and other social activities.

Therefore, the writer is pleased to invite you to meet him at the tee (with a guest if you like) at 3pm, Friday 3 December for a “shot gun” start. It is hoped that this will add further interest to the event. Results will also be included as part of our Professional’s ShootOut Tournament.

So with improving weather our golf course will soon be at its very best condition for all to take in the wonderful ambience that surrounds you when out in all that clean fresh air.

For golfing members, the added motivation will be that they will be contributing their own concept to create greater inclusiveness between the lady and gentlemen golfers.

There is no excuse for anyone not to get involved. The handicaps system places us all on an even keel. This means we are all in the game no matter our level of expertise.

The members hope this initiative will create greater community interest, involvement and social interaction with golfers hitting off at the same time. This will allow players to meet after play, with family members or friends so they are able to make use of the RACV’s Clubs wonderful new on course facilities.

We look forward to seeing you all on course as this event grows.

If you haven’t already received a message from me and are interested in being part of this initiative, please contact Ian Callen 0439 997 751.