Best view in the house as an RDCA umpire

Become a cricket umpire in the RDCA. Picture: UNSPLASH

By Callum Ludwig

Umpires are wanted to join the ranks of the Ringwood and District Cricket Association (RDCA) and help keep community cricket well-officiated.

Clubs from across the Outer East call the RDCA home from Powelltown to Ringwood, Boronia to Warranwood and Heathomt to Healesville interested umpires from across the region are welcome to get involved.

President of the RDCA’s Umpires Association (RDCAUA) Jordan Russell said the best thing about being an umpire in the RDCA is having the best seat in the house to watch some of local talent in the area.

“It is very important for the league to have a strong umpires base because without the umpires it would be harder for the teams and clubs as they would have to umpire themselves,” he said.

“It is critical to have an association that really supports the umpire panel. It’s a really tough job made tougher without support from association management.”

All new umpires will be required to complete a community cricket umpiring certificate online at, with other options to apply to umpire junior cricket, representative cricket (for more experienced umpires) or get reaccredited every four years.

Mr Russell said the RDCAUA meetings once a month at Jubilee Park in Ringwood where they conduct face-to-face training.

“Match commitments are for most Saturday afternoons by meeting your partner at the ground to start your day. such as setting up the stumps, checking the ground, tossing the coin, meeting the two captains and ideally, we would like people who have a car and can drive as not all games are located with bus and train lines close by,” he said.

A basic understanding and knowledge of the laws of the game will hold any new umpires in good stead as they learn the ropes through experience with their colleagues around them, including being paired with an experienced umpire for the first few matches until they find their feet.

Mr Russell said this season they have former international umpire John Ward in their ranks while their umpires advisor also currently umpires Victorian Premier Cricket.

“Not too many competitions would have a former CA umpire coach who will assist them with their development,” he said.

“The knowledge that both of these gentlemen have is immense and they are always willing to help and assist not just new umpires but also the older ones who have been umpiring for years.”

Anyone interested in joining the RDCAUA can do so by contacting Mr Russell at or 0413 357 444.