Successful season for Healesville Bowling Club

Healesville Bowling Club's annual grand meeting. Picture: SUPPLIED

By Dongyun Kwon

Healesville Bowling Club (HBC) officially wrapped up the season on Sunday 26 May.

HBC decided on a new committee board for the next season and awarded trophies to its members who made great achievements throughout the season at the annual general meeting.

The club had a remarkable season winning two premierships.

HBC media director Ian Milgate said the great achievements would not have been possible without the help of volunteers and the support from the community.

“Many volunteers worked tirelessly for the club including members of the board, the executive, team selectors, bar staff, ground staff, team managers, bus drivers, function volunteers, members looking after the gardens and the corporate bowls challenge volunteers,” he said.

“I’d also like to thank the many sponsors that support us throughout the year.

“Our beautiful Healesville community has supported us by using our facilities for numerous functions including weddings, 21st birthdays, engagements and many other important occasions.”

The members of the committee board for the next season were confirmed at the meeting.

John Fitzpatrick remains in his position as president.

Robyn Turville has been appointed as vice president and Judy Veermann as secretary.

Robert Ayres and Leonie Fitzpatrick remain in their position as chairperson and finance director respectively.

The meeting culminated with an awards ceremony; Club Championship Winners Award, Ron Patterson Memorial Trophy, Bus Drivers Award, Veteran’s Badges and Team Managers Award.

“Ron Patterson Memorial Trophy was for a gentleman who was a long-time member, won many championships and passed away last year, and his family suggested that they would provide us with some money for a trophy,” Mr Milgate said.

“Each week, all the players voted on who was the best player on the day in the pennant team.

“Those votes were counted up and there were winners for the Tuesday pennant and the Saturday pennant.”

Ron Patterson Memorial Trophy was given to Steve Bulled for the Tuesday pennant and Steve Graham for the Saturday pennant.

The Bus Drivers Award went to Effie Laban, Len Cossons and Robert Ayres who volunteered to drive players to away games.

“There’s a new life member this year Gerry Gommers received life membership,” Mr Milgate said.

The club’s first team will be promoted to Division 3 and the second team will remain in Division 8 in the next season.

Club Championship Winners

Runner up Men’s Club Championship: Effie Laban

Winner Men’s Club Championship: Colin Lowe

Runner up Women’s Club Championship: Leonie Fitzpatrick

Winner Women’s club Championship: Hilda Gurney

Runner up Women’s Club Championship Pairs: Hilda Gurney and Jodie Ward

Winners Women’s Club Championships Pairs: Judy Veermann and Leonie Fitzpatrick

Runners up Men’s Club Championship Pairs: Colin Jarvis and Mark Cookney

Winners Men’s Club Championship Pairs: Mark Ward and Adrian Beales

Runner up Handicap mixed singles: Rob Broadhurst

Winner Handicap mixed singles: Colin Jarvis

Runner up Handicap Pairs: Rob Broadhurst and Judy Veermann

Winner Handicap Pairs: Effie Laban, Leonie Fitzpatrick, Sub-Robyn Turville

Minor Championships

Singles Runner up: Mark Cookney

Singles Winner: Colin Jarvis

Best First Year Player: Sarah Gallacher

Most Improved Player: Colin Jarvis

Life Member: Gerry Gommers

Ron Patterson Memorial Trophy

Saturday’s Trophy Winners

Third: Gerda Otto

Second: Mark Ward

Winner: Steve Graham

Tuesday’s Trophy Winners

Third: Colin Jarvis

Second: Effie Laban

Winner: Steve Bulled

Bus drivers Award: Effie Laban, Len Cossons and Robert Ayres

Veteran’s Badges: Chris Boland and Steve Graham

Team Managers Award: Steve Bulled and Anne Holland