Decades of Shorelec electrifying Healesville

Shorelec staff Jack, Rod and Scott. (239068_01)

Shorelec Electrical Wholesalers is your local supplier of Fujitsu air conditioners. Supplying and installing air-conditioners while offering the best price on all Fujitsu and Mitsubishi units, Shorelec has a focus on quality products and exceptional customer service.

“We work closely with professional trades people to get your air-conditioner installed, as well as in-home electrical repairs and maintenance,“ said owner Glenn Shorter.

The independent store has 20 years of history serving Healesville and San Remo. Shorelec’s extensive range includes cables, phone accessories, connectors, measuring equipment, security systems, cameras, UHF transceivers (hand-held and auto), antennas (UHF and home), torches and floodlights. Shorlec offers competitives pricing on home lighting, both standard and hard to find globes. It also stocks globes for ovens and fridges.

“We provide electrical trade supplies including cable, conduit, tools, fittings, and Clipsal products,” said Glenn.

“We are also able to source and order odd electrical parts, fittings and elements for hot water systems and ovens.”

At Shorelec, customers can buy domestic or auto electrical cable by the metre or 100 metres rolls for trades. The store recently introduced a musical range and is one of the very few musical suppliers in the Yarra Valley.

“We try to source and stock great products for those starting out but have access to sourcing any of your musical needs from guitars, bass guitars, drums, harmonicas, violins, strings, and accessories,” said Glenn.

“We offer full instrument servicing and repair, please contact the store for more information.”

The stock forecast up until the new year is not looking good, as the industry experiences stock shortages from almost all suppliers, with prices increasing daily and wait times on some products exceeding three months.

If you’re in the market for a new heating or cooling split system, ducted or cassette unit or if you require a quote for all your heating and cooling needs, you should book now to lock in stock for your projects at home, office, or shop or you may be disappointed by December.

By replacing your old air conditioner unit, you will decrease running costs which will flow onto a reduced power bill and will also assist in reducing your carbon footprint. Another thing to consider is to get your air conditioners serviced and the coils cleaned, which will improve the efficiency and the air quality of your unit.

Shorelec can also provide security camera systems for your home and property. From entry-level kits to install yourself at home to high-tech security systems and installation, Shorelec can quote and finish the job.

Glenn is joined by staff members Rod Barrett, who has 40 years’ experience in electrical stores, and Jack Brew, who has an extensive knowledge of musical instruments and equipment.

Shorelec Electrical Wholesalers is located at 10-12 Green Street, Healesville

For more information, phone (03) 5962 6500 or email

Shorelec is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm.