Recovery Options providing support services to Yarra Ranges

Working solely to achieve one hundred percent customer satisfaction, Recovery Options services a myriad of disabilities. (247416_04)

by Elle Cecil

Recovery Options is a disability and support services organisation that provides disability support workers, support coordinators, cleaners and gardeners to eligible people in need, as well as providing a range of other support services.

A boutique registered NDIS provider, Recovery Options has been in business for three years. Managing Director Russell Bosnjakovic says that the business is driven by a desire to provide meaningful and effective support to service users.

“We aim to provide a committed, personalised, recovery-oriented service with great care and detail,” explains Russell.

“We’re driven to help create optimum transformative lifelong recovery by assisting, inspiring and motivating the participant to become the best version of themselves by collaborating with family, community, employer groups and professionals.”

“[We work with] professionals who share the same focused determination, utilising evidence-based approaches, holistic healing modalities and innovative alternative therapies, until successful outcomes are achieved as measured by the full satisfaction of the participant and their family,” Russell says.

Recovery Options’ greatest achievement so far bridging the gap between large-style corporate organisations and those wanting a more personalised service. The next goal for this local business is to make homes available to participants on Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Recovery Options is building four SDA houses due for completion in Yarra Junction in 2022, within walking distance to the supermarket. Recovery Options is currently taking expressions of interest in housing provided under the following design categories: one improved liveability home, one high physical home and two fully accessible homes.

As a registered Implementing Behavioural Support Provider, Recovery Options has its own appointed Authorising Program Officer (APO), approved by the Victorian Senior Practitioner. The APO works together with Behavioural Support Specialists to provide intensive support interventions for participants to address significantly harmful or persistent behaviours of concern for the temporary use of restrictive practices, with intention to minimise use of these practices.

Working solely to achieve one hundred percent customer satisfaction, Recovery Options services a myriad of disabilities including physical, neurological and psycho-social conditions, as well as those affected by vision impairment and autism, those requiring high-complex care and behavioural support, and 24/7 end of life care.

Recovery Options is located at 2421 Warburton Highway, Yarra Junction. Inquiries: phone 5900 6898 or email Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.