Truly holistic learning


There has been a fundamental shift in recent years in the view of children and child-rearing, and this shift has transformed our schools, our neighbourhoods and our relationships to one another.

In addition to this, recent global events have further impacted children’s mental and emotional health, exacerbating what was already a rapidly deteriorating situation.

Steiner education helps to bring about a healthy development of the growing human being, through close observation and a knowledge of the nature of the therapeutic forces embedded in our educational approach.

As no one child is exactly like another, and each has their own individual physiological, intellectual, and emotional traits, the teacher must learn to closely study each child with loving care. By working with the children through a strong foundation of rhythm, lessons are permeated with living imagery and learning becomes more mobile, vital and full of an imaginative quality.

Steiner education is unique in the extent and depth to which the curriculum is carefully structured to ensure a thorough and healthy developmental basis for learning. This thoughtful weaving together of physical, intellectual and social elements of teaching ensures that each student has a well-rounded experience within a truly holistic education.

Steiner schools have developed the view that education is indeed an art in and of itself. Little Yarra has a growing reputation as one of the most established and successful Steiner schools in Australia, and they are tremendously honoured to be part of an educational system designed specifically around catering to children’s physical and socio-emotional development as well as their academic needs.

The school is proud to deliver an education that is more relevant than ever for the challenges facing the world today.