Reconnecting with work

Mountain District Learning Centre. Picture: ON FILE

The idea of returning to work or education after having a child can be both exciting and daunting at the same time.

Mountain District Learning Centre is proud to provide a targeted response to this via it’s ‘Reconnect’ program. The program assists participants to overcome the barriers preventing them from engaging in education, training and employment and provides support into further study or employment pathways.

Raising a child takes a village as they say, it also takes a village to return to work or education. On staff are two local mums, Racheal and Emma who are available for a child friendly catch up to discuss what goals you have and how they can best support you in reaching them.

At no cost to you, available supports can include;

Access to education, with both pre accredited and accredited options.

Access to funded weekly playgroup where you can spend time with your little ones and meet like minded parents.

Access to employment support including resume building and interview techniques.

Access to career planning and pathway options.

A friendly chat with local mum and MDLC staff member Racheal Edwards will assist in determining your eligibility and access to whichever types of support you might find most suitable to your individual circumstances. Racheal can be contacted on 0401 490 873 or email