Helping local tradies this tax time

Sue Clarke. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS 344235_01

Tradies – Does your Accountant do more than lodge your tax return?

Are you a Tradie local to the Yarra Valley and you feel you have more questions than answers?

This is something Sue Clarke at The Yarra Valley Accountant encounters on a regular basis.

Would you like a better understanding of your overall position and what it means to you? What about someone you trust to guide you who has many years of experience?

I’ve been an Accountant working with businesses for over 30 years. There is not much that I haven’t seen or heard and I draw from this knowledge and experience daily.

I work with local businesses including tradies and, while they are all different, I’ve found a few similarities that keep popping up – business is important to them and having the right people to work with makes such a difference to them and their families. This starts from day number one and having that meeting with an experienced accountant can make all the difference. It’s a big jump from wages to business.

Do you have an accountant who takes the time to understand you and explain things properly?

Running your own business comes with it an element of risk – does your accountant work with you to help mitigate business risk?

As we approach a new financial year, there have been a number of changes and it’s your accountant’s role to keep abreast of these changes and to explain to you in plain english.

You’ve worked hard and you deserve the business and lifestyle you want for you and your family.