Health care expanded for Yarra Glen

Lily, Dr Martin, Ashley, Brooke and Maddie. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS 343323_05

Epichealth Medical Clinic in Yarra Glen has made a significant stride in enhancing health care as they announce the addition of Dr. Izril Ismail and the launch of a brand new service. 

With an accomplished medical career spanning over two decades, Dr. Ismail’s arrival brings a wealth of expertise and a new dimension to the clinic’s offerings. She has a strong background in critical care, including vital roles in ICU and adult psychiatric wards, demonstrating she is well-equipped to handle a wide range of medical conditions. 

Epichealth is thrilled to have Dr. Ismail join their distinguished medical team, including Dr. Hamed Shafaie, Dr. Nadia Shafaq, Dr. Abdul Matin, Dr. Shama Parveen, Dr. Rashim Kamra and Dr. Sara Safari (currently on maternity leave).

Patients of all ages can now benefit from her expertise in areas such as chronic disease management, geriatrics, mental health and emergency medicine. 

The clinic continues to expand its range of services with the launch of Epichealth Aged Care: a visiting GP supporting aged care facilities across Victoria. Their team of doctors have extensive experience in caring for seniors with a range of complex medical conditions and can provide healthcare to those with dementia or cognitive impairment. 

The clinic, conveniently located on Symonds Street, also offers subsidised medical services with no out-of-pocket cost for patients who hold a valid Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Veterans Gold Card, and for children under 16. 

For a full list of services you can access through Epichealth, or to book an appointment online, visit