Gear Up for the New School Year: A Guide to Eye Health for Kids

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As the school bells chime for the return to classes in 2024, it’s the perfect time to ensure your child is set up for a successful academic journey. With the increasing use of digital devices among kids, safeguarding their vision is paramount. Here are some essentials for maintaining optimal eye health and learning opportunities for the upcoming school year.

The Digital Dilemma:

The surge in digital device usage is linked to a rise in short-sightedness (myopia) among children, posing potential risks to their eye health. Research underlines some critical points:

– Myopia is on the rise due to digital device use, carrying significant eye health risks.

– Vision problems in children are associated with reduced attention capacity compared to their peers.

– Learning difficulties in children often stem from underlying vision problems, making optometry a crucial player in improving academic outcomes.

– A study in Queensland found that 25 per cent of tested primary school children had confirmed vision problems, correlating with lower NAPLAN scores.

Why Regular Vision Checks Matter:

Ensuring regular vision checks for all children is vital. At Yarra Junction Optical, our experienced Optometrists take a holistic approach to children’s eye tests. We consider various factors, including brain function, ocular muscles, nerves, psychology, learning ability, and development.

What You Can Do:

Book your child’s eye test online at or call us at 5967 2065. Our friendly team is ready to assist you in prioritising your child’s eye health.

Managing Myopia

Myopia, or short-sightedness, can hinder a child’s ability to see distant objects clearly, impacting classroom performance and overall well-being. Regular eye exams play a crucial role in ensuring success in academics, sports, and play activities.

Yarra Junction Optical uses the industry-leading myopia control options available in Australia and being independent means we are able to use special spectacle lenses, contact lenses and eye drops to control myopia. The most effective treatment depends on the binocular vision of the child which will be assessed by our Optometrists.

Signs to Watch For:

Parents should remain vigilant for signs of vision issues, including squinting, headaches, eye rubbing, and excessive proximity to objects or the TV. Optometrist visits can swiftly identify problems, enabling the formulation of effective plans.

Recommended Steps for Parents:

1. Get a Vision Check: Optometry visits are painless, covered by Medicare, and can even be enjoyable for kids.

2. Get Outside: Ensure your child spends at least two hours outdoors daily, a crucial factor in myopia prevention.

3. Get Some Variety: Limit screen time, adopt the 20/20/20 rule, and encourage breaks to promote eye health.

4. Get Further Away: Discourage holding books or devices too close and maintain a Harmon working distance.

5. Get More Sleep: Aim for over nine hours of sleep per day, avoiding late-night device use.

Equip your child for a successful school year by prioritising their eye health. At Yarra Junction Optical, we’re dedicated to supporting your child’s vision and learning journey.

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