Barking mad!

Woori Yallock’s David Ressom would like the mongrels who stole his dog grooming equipment to know the effect Woori Yallock’s David Ressom would like the mongrels who stole his dog grooming equipment to know the effect

By Monique Ebrington
A DOG act has left a Woori Yallock small business owner short this Christmas after thieves stole $3000 worth of dog grooming equipment from his car.
David Ressom woke up on December 30 to find his car, parked out the front of his home, broken into, his work tools and mobile phone stolen and his dog grooming trailer vandalised.
While Mr Ressom usually parks his car and trailer on his property. He says that he regrets leaving it out that night.
When he realised that his grooming equipment was gone he said that he was devastated and couldn’t comprehend why anyone would take it.
“When I saw it my heart just sank. I couldn’t believe anyone would take my work tools,” Mr Ressom said.
“They’re no use to anybody unless you’re a dog groomer — I think they took it because they could.”
With January full of clients Mr Ressom says that he not only lost customers, as his supplier didn’t open until January 5, but was forced to replace his tools straight away.
With many of his tools built up over the years, or brand new, Mr Ressom says it was a large financial burden for a small business to face in one go.
“I don’t think they realise the impact they have had; not only with the monetary impact but also the disruption to business and in causing me to lose customers,” he said.
“It’s really quite a setback for a small business.”
While the price of replacing his tools was high, he says no price can be put on the effect of his livelihood.
“The effect on my livelihood and loss of income has had more of an effect than just losing the value of the goods on its own,” he said.
Mr Ressom says that he hopes anybody who knows about the stolen equipment or recognises the illegal graffiti tag on the back of his trailer can assist police in getting back his tools.
“If anyone happens to see kids messing around with dryers and clippers or someone tries to sell them on the market, please let the police know,” he said.
“If another groomer in the area or somebody in a pub has been offered the gear, it is more than likely mine.”
Warburton Police are investigating and if anyone can assist police with further information please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.