Jet ski rider injured in crash


A JET SKI crash in which a Woori Yallock man was seriously injured has sparked a warning from water police for jet skiers to take more care.
The crash happened on Lake Eildon about 12.30pm on Monday 4 November.
Investigators believe two Woori Yallock men in their early 20s were jet skiing close to each other, at speeds of more than 70km/h, near the Maroondah Highway bridge when the collision occurred.
Police are investigating the incident but believe one of the men turned suddenly and the other rode over the top of his jet ski.
The 20-year-old rider suffered a broken pelvis and leg but, wearing a life jacket, managed to stay afloat.
The men were rescued by the crew of a passing boat and the injured man was airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.
Police interviewed the other man, 22, in relation to the incident and said he is expected to be charged on summons with negligently cause serious injury, unlicensed driving, speed dangerous and exceeding five knots in the vicinity of another jet skier.
Leading Senior Constable Lee Barton from the Water Police said it was important for jet skiers to follow regulations while on the water.
“If exceeding a speed of five knots, you must keep a gap greater than 50 metres between jet skis,” he said.
“It’s also extremely important to wear a life jacket at all times while on the water.”