FINALS fever is well and truly alive in the Yarra Valley Mountain District “Community Bank” Football and Netball League. Woori Yallock defeated Upwey Tecoma and is set to take on Wandin next week. Seville dished it up to Yarra Glen and has booked a week’s break. Netball has Wandin taking on the Minor Premiers in Upwey Tecoma and Yarra Glen kept their undefeated record alive and look forward to a week’s break.
Woori Yalloc 12.13 (85) defeated Upwey Tecoma 12.4 (76)
Woori Yallock have gone one step closer to going back to back as they triumphed over Upwey by nine points in what was a dire struggle all day. Upwey had a good system working early as they opened up with a five goals-to-three first term and went to the first break with a 10-point lead. Woori worked its way back into the game in the second and started to win the one-on-one contests and it paid dividends on the scoreboard as they booted five goals to one and went into half-time with a 16- point advantage. The third term was a complete reversal of the second as Upwey got the game back on their terms, they held Woori goalless for the quarter while they booted four majors and they went to the last break with a seven-point lead. The last quarter was a great battle but it was Woori that started to control the tempo of the game, they booted important goals when desperately required and ended with four majors for the term, Upwey did boot two goals but it was Woori’s steadiness and finals experience that saw them hold on to win by nine points in what was a fantastic final. Woori will now take on Wandin next week for a chance to go into The Grand Final while Upwey will get another chance in a knock-out final against Mount Evelyn. Woori Yallock best players: B. Monkhorst (5 goals), M. Bonuda, J. Williams. Upwey Tecoma best players: C. Davis, K. Grenda (3 goals), T. Hedge (1 goal).
Mount Evelyn 16.14 (110) defeated Monbulk 11.16(82)
Mount Evelyn has knocked Monbulk out of the finals race with a terrific 28-point win. This game started very evenly and went goal-for-goal for the first three quarters. Both teams never got the ascendancy and couldn’t break clear, and the margin was just four points at quarter time in favour of Monbulk, then just 1 point at half time still in Monbulk’s favour and then Mount Evelyn took the three quarter time lead after a five goal-to-four third term and their advantage was nine points. The last quarter did belong to Mount Evelyn as the side was more efficient going forward and that proved the difference. It booted 5.2 for the quarter while Monbulk did have its opportunities but booted 2.7 which saw Mount Evelyn triumph and move into the First Semi Final against Upwey Tecoma in what should be a great battle next week. Mount Evelyn best players: C. Urquhart, M. Condello (3 goals), T. Morgan (3 goals). Monbulk best players: S. Koole (2 goals), K. Davies, D. Werts.
Belgrave 5.13 (43) defeated Warburton Millgrove 5.13 (43)
This game may have been close but for such perfect conditions this was one very low scoring game.
Warby looked the more settled early and booted three goals to one in the opening term to grab a 10-point advantage. The second quarter produced two goals apiece but Belgrave did have more of the ball but wasted their chances, the half time margin was seven points to the favour of Warby. The third term was one to forget as both sides just couldn’t penetrate going forward and it was a goalless quarter and Warby held a 10-point lead at the final change. The last term saw Warby still struggling to put it through the big sticks, they could only muster three points for the term while Belgrave booted 2.3 which was enough to put them two points ahead at the final siren and book them a place in the second Semi Final against Upwey Tecoma next week while Warby will get one more chance in the do-or-die first Semi against Emerald. Belgrave best players: B. Fitzgerald (1 goal), M. Johnson (1 goal), D. Tanner. Warburton Millgrove best players: A. Pye (1 goal), D. Noorman, K. Hall (3 goals).

EMERALD 10.9.69 defeated MOUNT EVELYN 10.6.66
A fantastic come from behind win from Emerald who looked anything but winners at 3 quarter time as they trailed by 24 points. Mount Evelyn started the game well booting 4 goals to 2 in the opening stanza to grab a 13 point lead, that lead remained the same at half-time after an even 2nd term and then Mount Evelyn increased that lead to 4 goals at the last change on the back of a 3 goal to 1 3rd term. Emerald’s last quarter was all class, their running ability left the Mounters chasing for the majority of the term, they slammed on 5 goals and all of a sudden they had hit the front for the first time and to their credit were able to hold on to record an epic finals win. Emerald will now take on Warby next week in the knock out First Semi Final while Mount Evelyn will spend the off season wondering how they lost this game. Emerald best players: S. Steer (4 goals), N. Callanan (1 goal), J. Mather-Moore (2 goals). Mount Evelyn best players: S. Harrod, J. Rozycki (4 goals), R. Gilbert.

SEVILLE 22.13.145 defeated YARRA GLEN 15.20.110
Seville has secured a Grand Final berth with a 35 point win of Yarra Glen in what was a high scoring game. The game started in good fashion with both teams going in hard for the ball but it was Seville that showed more efficiency going forward booting 5.1 to 2.3 for the opening term to take a 16 point lead. The 2nd quarter saw the game open up a bit and Yarra Glen got their running game going, they booted 5.5 to Seville’s 3.5 for the term and Seville’s lead was cut to just 4 points at the main change. The 3rd quarter was where Seville made Yarra Glen pay for their mistakes, they were terrific going forward and rebounding from half-back and had Yarra Glen chasing, they booted 7.2 for the term while Yarra Glen did have their chances but were wasteful booting 3.6 and Seville went to the last break with a handy 4 goal buffer. The last quarter still saw plenty of goals but it was Seville that had all the answers as they added another 7 goals to Yarra Glen 5 to run out impressive 35 point victors and march into the Grand Final. Yarra Glen has another chance next week as they will take on Thornton-Eildon in the Preliminary Final. Seville best players: K. Jones (7 goals), N. O’Keefe (4 goals), S. Senior. Yarra Glen best players: K. Hudson, G. Filsell, D. Hurley (1 goal).

THORNTON EILDON 10.13.73 defeated POWELLTOWN.10.4.64
Thornton kept their finals dream alive after a great gritty win over Powelltown. There was nothing in this game with less than 2 goals separating the teams for the majority of the match. Powelltown did lead at the half by 8 points but Thornton did have 2 more scoring shots and quite possibly should have had the lead if they were a steadier with ball in hand. The 3rd term saw Thornton starting to win more of the one on one contest and they made it count on the scoreboard as they booted 4 goals to 2 and grabbed a narrow 4 point lead come 3 quarter time. The last quarter was a dire struggle as both teams only managed a goal but it was Thornton that had more of the ball and should have iced the game earlier than they did as they also booted 5 behinds, in the end that really didn’t matter as it was enough to hang on to win by 9 points and book themselves a place in The Preliminary Final against Yarra Glen next week with the winner of that game to take on Seville in the Grand Final the week following. Thornton-Eildon best players: T. Bail, A. Marshall, D. Creed. Powelltown best players: W. Gordon, J. Mullan, L. Larsen.

SEVILLE 9.12.66 defeated YARRA GLEN 4.6.30
Seville has inflicted Yarra Glen’s first loss of the year and what a great time to do it as it secures a Grand Final berth for them. Yarra Glen actually got out to a 16 point lead at the first change and had held Seville to just 2 behinds and it looked like it was going to be Yarra Glen’s day but Seville clawed their way back into the contest in the 2nd quarter and got to within 8 points by half-time. The 3rd quarter was a shocker for Yarra Glen as they just couldn’t get their hands on the ball and in fact didn’t even trouble the scoreboard, Seville had their chances to really put Yarra Glen away but was wasteful booting 2.6 but it was enough to take a 10 point lead into the last break. The last quarter yet again Yarra Glen couldn’t score a major and incredibly were held goalless in the entire 2nd half while Seville ran away with the game booting 4 last quarter goals to win by a very impressive 6 goals. Seville best players: M. Stevenson, G. Teunissen, M. Bradbury. Yarra Glen best players: P. Teijeiro, E. Shaw, A. Hocking.

ALEXANDRA 17.9.111 defeated YEA 2.8.20
Alexandra was completely dominant from start to finish and really did have this game wrapped up at quarter time as they held Yea to 1 point while they booted 5.3. Alex held Yea to just 2 points in the 2nd term and shot out to a 51 point lead by half-time. The 2nd half was really more of the same but at least Yea did manage 2 majors but Alex was still dominant adding another 9 goals to win big come final siren. Alex will now take on Yarra Glen in The Preliminary Final next week for the right to take on Seville in The Grand Final the following week. Alexandra best players: D. Steel (2 goals), M. Heyes (1 goal), T. Halligan. Yea best players: P. O’Meara (1 goal), S. Vlamis (1 goal), D. Aldous.

OLINDA FERNY CREEK 14.12.96 defeated EMERALD 6.3.39
A great all round performance from Olinda who gave Emerald somewhat of a finals football lesson thumping them by 57 points. Olinda shot out of the blocks and raced to a 26 point lead at the first break with a 5 goal to 1 quarter. The 2nd quarter did see Emerald go toe to toe with Olinda as both teams booted 3 goals. The 3rd term was where Olinda sewed this game up, they held Emerald to just 2 behinds while they booted 4 majors and the lead had blown out to 55 points. The last quarter saw both teams going through the motions as the game was beyond doubt. Olinda will go into The 2nd Semi Final against the undefeated Healesville and will go in with plenty of confidence while Emerald has a chance to bounce back against Upwey Tecoma. Olinda Ferny Creek best players: R. Cottam-Starkey, E. Greenall, C. Horner (2 goals). Emerald best players: K. Burns (1 goal), J. Volta, M. Novotny (1 goal).

UPWEY TECOMA 19.15.129 defeated MOUNT EVELYN 7.7.49
Mount Evelyn was no match for Upwey as they were just too good in all aspects of the game. Upwey had a terrific first half with the highlight a 7 goal to 2 2nd quarter which saw them race to a 47 point half-time lead. Upwey continued their good form in the 2nd half as they kept extending their lead. They booted 4 goals to 1 in the 3rd and then finished the day with a 4 goal to 2 last quarter to win with ease come final siren. Upwey will now play Emerald in the knock out First Semi Final while Mount Evelyn will have to look forward to season 2015. Upwey Tecoma best players: S. Glazner (6 goals), T. McKern (2 goals), D. Torrance. Mount Evelyn best players: B. Gallop, D. Steele (1 goal), C. Argentino.

WOORI YALLOCK 10.7.67 defeated WANDIN 7.2.44
Woori Yallock has booked a place in The Grand Final after a good 4 quarter performance over Wandin recording a 23 point win. Woori was way too strong in the first half as their running power proved the difference. They jumped out to a 27 point lead by half-time and looked pretty comfortable. The 2nd half was a tight contest but Woori was always in control and did what they had to do to win to go one step closer to the ultimate goal. Wandin is still alive and will play in The Preliminary Final against Yea next week.
Woori Yallock best players: D. Benson ( 1 goal), A. Wells (2 goals), B. Arnold. Wandin best players: J. James, S. Kirk, B. Lawrence.

YEA 7.16.58 defeated WARBURTON MILLGROVE 8.8.56
Yea has moved into The Preliminary Final after holding off a fast finishing Warby to win by just 2 points. Yea had the better structure for the majority of the game and got out to a 22 point lead by 3 quarter time and looked like they were going to win reasonably easy however Warby had other ideas, they threw caution to the wind and took the game on, they started hitting the scoreboard and all of a sudden they were back in the contest. Yea had their chances to make sure of the win but they were wasteful booting 1.6 while Warby booted 5.2 but unfortunately for them time ran out which gave Yea a 2 point victory and moves them on to play Wandin in The Preliminary Final next week. Yea best players: H. Stares, B. Ali, K. Spagnolo. Warburton Millgrove best players: J. Ward, J. Lee (3 goals), S. Wells.

WANDIN 8.15.63 defeated CROYDON NORTH 4.8.32
Wandin has been the best team all year and has finished off the year with an undefeated record and The Premiership Cup after a 31 point Grand Final Victory over Croydon North. Wandin was in control for the majority of this game but Croydon did stay in touch and in fact got right back into the game in the 3rd quarter to trail by just 9 points going into the last quarter. Wandin weren’t playing to their absolute best but their defence in the last quarter was first class as they held Croydon scoreless while they booted 3.5 to claim The Premiership cup after a perfect undefeated season. Wandin best players: M. Ewart (1 goal), P. Rouget (1 goal), N. Fritsch (4 goals). Croydon North best players: R. McDonald, B. Aulich, M. Smiles.

WANDIN 45 defeated BELGRAVE 43
This was what finals is all about, 2 teams giving everything and unfortunately someone has to be the loser. Belgrave held a 3 goal lead at half-time after a very even first half but then Wandin really got their game going in the 3rd quarter, they scored 15 goals to 8 to go to the last break with a 4 goal lead. The last quarter was a great contest, Belgrave threatened on a number of occasions but Wandin was able to just keep their noses in front and come the end of the game it was Wandin that was able to hold on to win by just 2 goals in what was an epic game. Wandin will now play Upwey in The Second Semi for the right to play off in the Grand Final while Belgrave get one more chance in the knock out First Semi against Mount Evelyn.
Wandin best players: Nikki Phillips, Melissa Martinov (21 goals), Jackie Cullimore (17 goals). Belgrave best players: Angela Jeffrey, Tara Jois, Lauren Bennett (31 goals).

Mount Evelyn is still alive in the finals race as they held on to win by 3 goals against Olinda which ended their finals campaign. Mount Evelyn did look the superior side early in this game and they did control the tempo in the first half as they went to half-time with a 9 goal advantage. Olinda really took it up to Mount Evelyn in the 3rd scoring 15 goals to 12 and the margin was just 6 goals and Olinda was right back in this contest. The last quarter Olinda once again came hard at Mount Evelyn and was finishing the stronger but Mount Evelyn was able to hold them off for long enough to record a 3 goal victory and move into the First Semi against Belgrave next week while Olinda’s campaign comes to an end. Mount Evelyn best players: Rachel Hickey (30 goals), Jessica Walker, Maddie Hickey (18 goals). Olinda Ferny Creek best players: Ashlee Howard (16 goals), Alex Wall (29 goals), Carolyn Bates.

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