By Cameron Hutchison

Round 8 had some surprises and drought-breaking wins.
Division 1 Football saw Olinda, Monbulk and Woori Yallock get the wins they would have been expected to get.
Healesville surprised Wandin with a big win, while there was a nail-biting draw between Mount Evelyn and Upwey.
In Division 2, Yarra Glen got home after an injury halted play for 30 minutes.
Belgrave, Seville and Yarra Junction were also expected winners.
Netball saw Olinda, Monbulk and Wandin get the points but it was a bit closer for Mount Evelyn and Woori Yallock in the end.
Division 2 saw Yarra Glen and Belgrave win comfortably, while Yarra Junction was challenged and Thornton-Eildon saluted the judges for the first time since late in the 2015 season with a win over Seville.
After Wandin’s loss, they still share top spot with Olinda.
Healesville and Woori Yallock are one game behind and Upwey-Tecoma shares fifth spot with Mount Evelyn.
Yarra Glen, Seville and Belgrave share top spot in Division 2, with Alexandra and Powelltown making up the five.
In netball, Olinda hold on to top spot with Wandin only half a game behind.
The battle really is on for fourth and fifth spot.
Belgrave are one game clear in top spot in Division 2 and should hold onto that position for the rest of the year.
Yarra Junction and Yarra Glen look comfortable in second and third, but it is also a battle for fourth and fifth.
Division 1 Seniors Football
Olinda Ferny Creek 17.12(114) d Emerald 10.6(66)
Olinda travelled to Emerald and certainly did not have this game in their holding until the last quarter. Olinda held a slim lead of two points at quarter time and were well held by Emerald. Olinda kicked 5.4 to 2.2 in the second to take a comfortable lead of 16 points into the main break. Emerald regrouped over the break and kicked 4.1 to 2.4 to claw back the margin to a gettable seven points at three-quarter time. James Charge was on fire up forward and kicked 11 of Olinda’s final 17 goals. Olinda were impressive in the last holding Emerald goalless and piled on 7.1 to come away with a nice 48-point win.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: J. Charge (11 goals), L. Hill, M. Bonuda (1 goal), C. Beattie, K. Currie, E. Greenall (1 goal).
Emerald Best: B. Wilson, W. Hansen, P. White, S. Anthony, L. Sheppard (2 goals), D. Volta.
Monbulk 16.23(119) d Gembrook Cockatoo 2.3(15)
Monbulk have their second win for the season after a huge 104-point win over Gembrook who are languishing with Warburton at the bottom of the ladder. The game started at a slow pace but Monbulk still managed to kick four goals to one to have a lead of 22 points at quarter time. Gembrook had a horror second quarter with Michael Langworthy and Shane Williams causing all kinds of trouble for them up forward and they failed to register a major in the second, while Monbulk kicked 7.6 and the lead was now 70 points. Gembrook got on the scoreboard in the third with 1.1 but Monbulk did not relent and they kicked 5.5 to now be in front by 98 points at the final change. To their credit, Gembrook held Monbulk to only seven behinds in the last but the game was already run and won.
Monbulk Best: J. Schille, C. Tibb, S. Van Seters, M. Langworthy (7 goals), S. Williams (5 goals), S. McBride.
Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: R. Wilson, D. Leversha, L. Henzen, B. Jones, M. Wills, G. Hartridge.
Mount Evelyn 12.14(86) drew with Upwey Tecoma 13.8(86)
Mount Evelyn played host to Upwey on Saturday and it was absolutely the game to watch. Mount Evelyn got the early lead with a bit of a goal feast in the first with nine goals being kicked and a 9-point lead at quarter time. Mount Evelyn held Upwey goalless in the second and it looked like it was going to be a win for the Mounters as they took a 22-point lead at half time. Upwey outscored Mount Evelyn in the third, kicking 4.3 to 2.3 and the lead of 10 points was now achievable. Upwey finally got their game going in the last and kicked 5.2 to 3.4 to claw back the lead but ran out of time and had to share the points with Mount Evelyn and still share fifth spot on the ladder.
Mount Evelyn Best: D. Wootton, M. Gibbons, L. Corrin, A. Chalkley, T. Chalkley (1 goal), J. Thompson.
Upwey-Tecoma Best: B. Duncan, L. Burke, K. Grenda (1 goal), S. Dawson, H. Stanley, I. Krijt.
Healesville 21.9(135) d Wandin 7.14(56)
Healesville shares third spot on the ladder and have inflicted the first loss for Wandin this season after a surprise win on Saturday. Wandin were under-manned but you can only beat the side that is on the park and that is just what Healesville did. They got out to an early lead by 10 points in the first and were never headed or even looked in danger of dropping the game. Holding Wandin to one goal in the second is no mean feat while they managed to slot three themselves and take a 21-point lead into the main break. Healesville came out charged in the third and piled on 7.2 to 3.5 and the lead was 42 points at three-quarter time. Healesville answered any critics in the last and totally dominated the quarter kicking 8.3 to 2.2 to show Wandin a clean pair of heels and some food for thought for the rest of the season.
Healesville Best: D. Anderson (1 goal), R. Woodford (8 goals), N. Aldridge, L. Daly, N. Mende, C. Warren (1 goal)
Wandin Best: T. Hinds (1 goal), B. Harvey, M. Polkinghorne (1 goal), J. Del Giudice, R. Ross (2 goals), S. Barnard (1 goal)
Woori Yallock 21.28(154) d Warburton Millgrove 4.3(27)
Woori Yallock denied Warburton any joy on Saturday after outplaying them completely with a big 127-point win. Woori Yallock shot out to a 22-point win at quarter time. They held Warburton goalless in the second and peppered the goals themselves, kicking 5.8. The margin was 59 points at half time but could have been much worse if Woori Yallock were accurate in front of goal. Eleven shots at goal in the third from Woori but they only kicked three majors. The lead had extended to 79 points at the final change. If Woori Yallock hope to be a serious challenger come September, they will need to clean up their efforts in front of goal. They managed to do this in the last kicking nine goals but they also slotted eight behinds. Warburton kicked two goals in the last to give their supporters something to cheer about.
Woori Yallock Best: K. Busoli (1 goal), C. Smedley, B. Arnold, B. Monkhorst (6 goals), H. Smith (1 goal), M. Batten (1 goal).
Warburton Millgrove Best: L. Weir, L. Barnard (1 goal), P. Hay, T. McKail, B. Clinch, S. Andueza.
Division 2 Seniors Football
Yarra Glen 13.12(90) d Alexandra 6.9(45)
Yarra Glen sit atop the Division 2 ladder by percentage after an interrupted game on Saturday. The first quarter was tight with Yarra Glen kicking two goals to one and taking a lead of nine points into the second. The second quarter was much the same as both sides battled for any ascendancy. It was a low scoring affair in the second with another two goals to one in Yarra Glen’s favour and a 15-point lead at the main break. It was anybody’s game but Aussie Smith and Lachlan Telford were causing problems for Alexandra with their attack and run at the footy. The third quarter was stopped for 30 minutes due to a serious injury to an Alexandra player but recommenced with 11 minutes to play in the third and Yarra Glen had a lead of 21 points at three-quarter time. In the final, Yarra Glen kicked 5.4 to 2.4 to come away with a good win at the final siren.
Yarra Glen Best: A. Smith (3 goals), B. Binion (1 goal), J. Clare (1 goal), T. Russell, B. Marsh, C. Tait.
Alexandra Best: J. Goonan, L. Ragg, J. Purcell, B. Woollard, S. Steiner, S. Heveren (1 goal).
Belgrave 18.16(124) d Kinglake 8.16(64)
Belgrave has shown Kinglake a clean pair of heels with a big 60-point win on Saturday. Kinglake are now sitting sixth on the ladder and in real danger of not making finals this year. Belgrave kicked 5.3 to 1.2 and had a commanding lead of 25 points at quarter time. The second quarter was tight with scores reflecting a tough game with Belgrave kicking 2.5 to 1.7. The lead increased to 29 points and was in reach of Kinglake if they could convert. Belgrave jumped to another gear in the third, kicking four goals to one and the game was now out of said reach. It was a goal feast in the last, Belgrave piled on seven goals while Kinglake chimed in with five, but it was all too late in the end.
Belgrave Best: M. Johnson (3 goals), J. McDermott (1 goal), L. Foreman (7 goals), C. Power, P. Gough (1 goal), N. Thompson (1 goal).
Kinglake Best: B. White, H. Prest, J. Butterworth (1 goal), L. White, B. Hamer, W. Graf.
Seville 24.12(156) d Thornton Eildon 5.4(34)
Seville made the trip to Thornton and hand the game in hand from the outset. They stormed to any early lead of 28 points at quarter time, kicking six goals to two in the first. They stalled slightly in the second, only kicking two goals to one and may have spent all their chips early. They lifted again in the third, kicking eight goals to one and the lead was now well out of Thornton’s reach. Mark Cecere and Nathan O’Keefe were a force in the forward line. A seven-goal last quarter left the final margin a big 122 points.
Seville Best: Not provided.
Thornton-Eildon Best: B. Wratten, R. Chapman (2 goals), D. Creed, T. Keating (1 goal), S. Larkman, A. Reddan.
Yarra Junction 25.7(157) d Yea 14.8(92)
Yarra Junction bounced back on the winners’ list on Saturday after a solid win over Yea. The difference was only 10 points in favour of Junction at quarter time but they got a move on in the second, kicking eight goals to two and took a lead of 45 points into the half-time break. Yea had no answers to hold Tyson Wheeler or Daniel Wilson as they scored freely. The lead had grown to 55 points at three-quarter time. The last quarter provided a spectacle for all as combined there were 14 goals kicked for the qtr but Yarra Junction still came out winners by 65 points.
Yarra Junction Best: J. Holmes (1 goal), T. Armstrong (2 goals), K. Ousley, D. Hewitt (4 goals), T. Wheeler (7 goals), D. Wilson (6 goals).
Yea Best: H. Jarvie, T. Kirkham, L. Beattie, S. Pearce (4 goals), J. Ryan (1 goal), D. O’Dwyer (1 goal).
Powelltown – Bye.
Under 18s Football
Emerald 21.13(139) d Yarra Glen 0.1(1)
Emerald Best: L. Webb (3 goals), M. Thomas (4 goals), C. Roma (1 goal), J. Campsell (3 goals), B. Brockwell, J. Zimmerling.
Yarra Glen Best: L. Evans, C. Hindhaugh, L. Smith, A. Plummer, Z. Capuano, D. Whelan.
Monbulk 10.10(70) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 9.3(57)
Monbulk Best: D. Rak (2 goals), T. Wills (1 goal), J. Tilly (3 goals), J. Swanson (2 goals), N. Wall, M. Dekker.
Gembrook Cockatoo Best: M. Frazzetto (1 goal), C. Sweeney, L. McCulloch, D. South (1 goal), O. Joel, D. McKinley (1 goal).
Mount Evelyn 24.8(152) d Upwey-Tecoma 2.0(12)
Mount Evelyn Best: J. Maunder, B. Batten (3 goals), J. Shaw, L. Inaps (6 goals), M. Gibbons (5 goals), T. Cromie.
Upwey Tecoma Best: L. Sholer, A. Grenda, D. Wilson (1 goal), A. Bartils, T. Cairns, I. Shineberg.
Wandin 12.15(87) d Healesville 4.3(27)
Wandin Best: J. Byrne (3 goals), P. Bruzzese (3 goals), B. Stokes, M. Dall (1 goal), S. Barrand, M. Smith.
Healesville Best: L. Chandler, C. Wright, S. Gommers, M. Minney, C. McInnes, J. Neumann.
Warburton-Millgrove 11.11(77) d Woori Yallock 2.9(21)
Warburton-Millgrove Best: J. Bishop, B. Ferguson, B. Thomson, T. Wappett, L. Winter-Annette (1 goal), P. Hay.
Woori Yallock Best: M. Cliff, R. Blackney, P. Jenkin, L. Amarant, W. White, D. Wood.
Division 1 A Grade Netball
Olinda-Ferny Creek 94 d Emerald 33
Olinda-Ferny Creek Best: Krista Tomlinson, Molly O’Bryan, Peri Stewart (65 goals).
Emerald Best: Sally Rush, Nancy Te Whata (10 goals), Morgan Jarrett.
Monbulk Hawks 91 d Gembrook Cockatoo 15
Monbulk Hawks Best: Lauren Byrnes (36 goals), Sophie Stubbs (20 goals), Nicole MacDowell (35 goals).
Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: Kelsey Wilson, Caitlyn Dullard, Jessica Mitchell.
Mount Evelyn 58 d Upwey Tecoma 50
Mount Evelyn Best: Alicia Hughes (37 goals), Jacqui Black, Rachael Hickey (21 goals).
Upwey-Tecoma Best: Bianca Moffatt, Teah Edelmaier, Samantha Silvester (33 goals).
Wandin 80 d Healesville 31
Wandin Best: Jackie Cullimore (42 goals), Tayla Harris, Carly McDonnell (13 goals).
Healesville Best: Chenile Chandler, Abigail Gedge (27 goals), Rebecca Mills (1 goal).
Woori Yallock 47 d Warburton Millgrove 39
Woori Yallock Best: Stacey Fleming (25 goals), Casey Barnes (14 goals), Abby Stranger.
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Karly Wappett (33 goals), Kellie Davidson, Briannon Dodd.
Division 2 A Grade Netball
Yarra Glen 68 d Alexandra 26
Yarra Glen Best: Alana Stone (7 goals), Prue Purdey, Georgia Taylor (31 goals).
Alexandra Best: Caitlin Haggis, Shona Gesler (3 goals), Ellie Hedger (15 goals).
Belgrave 93 d Kinglake 21
Belgrave Best: Jennifer Dewhurst, Kylie Bradshaw, Petra Keogh (41 goals).
Thornton-Eildon 48 d Seville 34
Thornton-Eildon Best: Alyce Bertola, Keely Grant (33 goals), Kayla Bowcher.
Seville Best: Erin Baker, Rebecca Groen (29 goals), Samantha Reynolds.
Yarra Junction 48 d Yea 36
Yarra Junction Best: Jessica Sweet, Amanda Finn (31 goals), Chelsea Neale.
Yea Best: Bridget O’Dwyer, Sophie Stares.
Powelltown – Bye.

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