By Cameron Hutchison

Round 9 and it’s halfway through the 2017 season, so everyone can sit back and see how they are tracking and get ready for the remainder of the year.
Division 1 and we have had two draws, Olinda and Wandin share top spot with Woori Yallock and Healesville sharing third. Upwey-Tecoma and Mount Evelyn are battling it out for fifth spot with Monbulk and Emerald chasing them in a share of seventh spot with eyes still on the five.
Division 2 sees Seville and Belgrave sharing top spot, Yarra Glen holds onto third with Powelltown one game behind. Alexandra are in fifth with Yarra Junction now hot on their heels.
Netball: Olinda now has a clean break on Wandin in second, Woori Yallock are in third and Monbulk and Warburton Millgrove even out the top five.
In Division 2, Belgrave have a solid hold in top spot with Yarra Glen and Yarra Junction fighting it out for second.
Powelltown and Kinglake are tied for fourth, with Yea not far behind in sixth with a great percentage.
This week, Upwey-Tecoma celebrates being the first club to reach the 1000 senior match milestone in YVMDFNL/AFL Yarra Ranges history.
As part of the celebrations, all past players/members are asked to join in a large scale commemorative photo, before the senior match.
Division 1 Senior Football
Healesville 17.13(115) d Upwey-Tecoma 8.9(57)
The start of the day you would have thought this game might have been a close one. Upwey held the slimmest of leads at quarter time and it was game on. Not sure what was said to Healesville at the quarter-time break but they came out like a team possessed and kicked 5.8 to 1.2 to take a 29-point lead into the half-time break. The game could have been well and truly over if accuracy was their focus. They tightened that up in the third, kicking four straight to Upwey’s 3.2 and held a match-winning lead of 33 points at three-quarter time. Healesville were never going to let this one slip and finished Upwey off in the last kicking 6.2 to 2.1 to come away with a percentage boosting win of 48 points.
Healesville Best: C. Adams, D. Plozza, A. Davies, J. Nugent (3 goals), J. Shaw (4 goals), M. Jeffery (3 goals).
Upwey-Tecoma Best: H. Stanley (1 goal), J. Tailby, S. Mitchell, K. Grenda, L. Burke (1 goal), C. Hayes.
Warburton-Millgrove 20.13(133) d Gembrook Cockatoo 10.9(69)
Warburton have notched up its first win for the season and did it in emphatic style on Saturday. Warburton got off to a good start, kicking five goals to two in the first and a lead of 18 points was handy at quarter time. A five-goal second quarter saw their lead increase to 40 points at half-time and Warburton’s supporters certainly had something to cheer about. A massive seven-goal burst to two in the third and the game was all but over. Gembrook outscored Warburton in the last, kicking 5.1 to 3.6, but it was all over by then. Andrew White was in rare form, kicking 10 goals, helping Warburton to a very handy four points and now a game clear of Gembrook.
Warburton-Millgrove Best: A. White (10 goals), B. Winzer (1 goal), L. Barnard (2 goals), T. McKail, J. Lee, S. Muir (4 goals).
Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: R. Causer (2 goals), R. Wilson, D. Welsh (1 goal), L. Henzen (1 goal), D. Leversha (1 goal), S. Martin.
Monbulk 16.13(109) d Mount Evelyn 8.20(68)
Monbulk came away with a surprise win on Saturday after a disappointing performance in front of goal by Mount Evelyn. Monbulk kicked 2.3 in the first but Mount Evelyn kicked 1.9 and should have been well and truly in front by quarter time. Monbulk piled on 7.4 in the second, while Mount Evelyn could only manage five behinds and were well and truly behind the eight ball at half-time, with only 1.14 on the scoreboard and a deficit of 41 points. Their accuracy improved in the third and they kicked four straight, but Monbulk also kicked 4.4 and the lead was 45 points at three-quarter time. Mount Evelyn were never going to claw back that lead with Monbulk coming away with a 41-point win at the final siren keeping them in touch of the five at the midway point of the season.
Monbulk Best: M. Langworthy (1 goal), C. Tibb, S. Williams (3 goals), B. Jennings-Allen, B. Emmett, C. Sharpe (3 goals).
Mount Evelyn Best: B. Doyle, J. Fellows, D. Wootton, K. Jones (3 goals), J. Griffiths (1 goal), A. Chalkley (2 goals).
Olinda Ferny Creek 9.13(67) drew with Wandin 10.7(67)
A top-of-the-table clash and it did not disappoint as a game for supporters. Olinda had the early lead of one point at quarter time after a tight contest. Scores were all tied up at half-time with both sides kicking 5.5 and the message at half-time would have been ‘the game starts all over again!’. It was tight as expected again in the third with Olinda getting a minor advantage of three behinds it three-quarter time. The final quarter was relentless and it would all come down to accuracy in the end. Olinda certainly had more opportunities than Wandin with six scoring shots to four, but could not capitalise on them. Wandin also had some great chances late in the game and it was all tied up at the final siren.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: M. Hottes, D. Rohrmann (2 goals), B. Walter (3 goals), N. Broomhall, S. Horner, J. Wallis.
Wandin Best: B. Harvey, M. Polkinghorne, R. Ross (1 goal), J. Ladner (1 goal), N. Molnar, T. Hinds.
Woori Yallock 24.18(162) d Emerald 5.6(36)
Woori Yallock share third spot with Healesville after a dominating performance over Emerald. Emerald were never really in the game from the first bounce with Woori kicking 5.6 to 1 straight in the first and a handy lead of 30 points at quarter time. Emerald could only manage one behind in the second, while Woori Yallock peppered the goals with a six-goal quarter to have a winning lead at half-time of 63 points. Another consistent quarter with five goals to three and the lead had blown out to 73 points. It was up to Emerald to put some respectability back in the score in the last but Woori Yallock absolutely put on a display in the last kicking 9.6 to 1.1 and a huge percentage-boosting win.
Woori Yallock Best: J. Adams, K. Thompson, J. Matthews (7 goals), B. Arnold, S. Kennedy, B. Monkhorst (5 goals).
Emerald Best: D. Volta, M. Stephens, P. White, D. Karacsonyi, B. Wilson, L. Sheppard.
Division 2 Seniors Football
Seville 19.8(122) d Alexandra 9.9(63)
Seville hold onto top spot by percentage after a solid win over Alexandra on Saturday. They got off to a flyer kicking 6.2 to 2.2 in the first and a 36-point lead at quarter time. Seville held Alexandra to one goal in the second while adding four goals themselves and extended their lead to 50 points at half-time. It was a bit of a goal-kicking display in the third with nine goals being kicked but they were to the advantage of Seville. Alexandra outscored Seville in the last kicking 3.3 to 1.4 but the damage had already been done.
Seville Best: N. O’Keefe (7 goals), M. Cecere (1 goal), S. Senior (1 goal), P. Bailey, B. Penwill, D. Groen.
Alexandra Best: N. Waugh, N. Dundas (1 goal), M. Coombs (1 goal), B. Cooper (1 goal), B. Woollard, R. Norris (2 goals).
Belgrave 23.19(157) d Thornton-Eildon 6.8(44)
Belgrave share top spot with Seville and have won with a dominant performance over Thornton-Eildon. They got out to a 27-point lead at quarter time and were never in doubt of dropping this game. They piled on a huge 8.5 to 2.2 in the second and the game was all over at half-time. Another five goals just added salt to the wounds and a lead of 83 points at three-quarter time was the game sealer. Belgrave finished off as they started, with a five-goal last quarter with James Brown notching up eight for the day.
Belgrave Best: C. Rak, J. Brown (8 goals), P. Gough (3 goals), J. Lowe (1 goal), N. Rowe (1 goal), T. Marks (3 goals).
Thornton-Eildon Best: R. Chapman, Z. King (1 goal), B. Azzopardi, Z. Vujasic (1 goal), J. Dickson, B. Musgrove.
Powelltown 19.11(125) d Yarra Glen 12.11(83)
Powelltown have turned on a last-half blitz to get a morale-boosting win for themselves and a wake-up call for Yarra Glen which were sharing top spot but now sit third on the ladder. Powelltown are now only one game behind them. The game see-sawed in the first, with Yarra Glen holding a slim lead of three points at quarter time. Powelltown came out running in the second and got the jump on Yarra Glen which could only manage three goals to the Demons six, and the game had certainly swung into Powelltown’s favour. Powelltown’s best quarter by far was the third when they held Yarra Glen goalless and kicked 3.4 themselves to hold a commanding lead of 36 points at three-quarter time. No rotations for Yarra Glen in the last half made it tough but they still would have been confident that they could fight back, but Powelltown took full advantage and ran away with a 42-point win at the final siren.
Powelltown Best: P. Matt, R. Johnson (1 goal), D. Roy (1 goal), J. Moore (1 goal), L. Miller (4 goals), W. Dore.
Yarra Glen Best: L. Smith, B. James (4 goals), L. Telford (1 goal), A. Smith, B. Marsh, M. McNeill.
Yarra Junction 14.10(94) d Kinglake 10.12(72)
Yarra Junction have kept themselves in touch with the top five but it is starting to look out of reach of last year’s grand finalists after a 22-point loss on Saturday. Yarra junction had one of their best opening quarters for a long time, kicking 7.3 to 3 straight to take a lead of 27 points into the second quarter. Kinglake outscored Yarra Junction by three points in the second but the momentum was still with The Eagles. Scoring slowed down in the last half with Yarra Junction kicking only 4.7 to 4.9, leaving the final margin at 22 points in Junction’s favour.
Yarra Junction Best: T. Wheeler (6 goals), K. Ousley (1 goal), A. Chnadler (1 goal), P. Cubbin, T. Sword, J. Welch.
Kinglake Best: H. Prest (1 goal), J. Mende, J. Chalmers, R. Mitchell (4 goals), W. Graf, M. McAllister.
Yea – Bye.
Under 18s Football
Healesville 12.8(80) d Upwey Tecoma 0.5(5)
Healesville Best: T. Green, J. George (1 goal), C. Wright, M. Minney (2 goals), E. Muke (2 goals), C. Fulford.
Upwey-Tecoma Best: T. Hauler, S. Gibby, L. Sholer, I. Shineberg, D. Rankin-Hooper, P. Booth.
Gembrook-Cockatoo 9.7(61) d Warburton Millgrove 5.15(45)
Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: Not provided.
Warburton-Millgrove Best: P. Hay (1 goal), N. Andueza, B. MacDonald (1 goal), T. Wappett, L. Winter-Annette, J. Bishop.
Mount Evelyn 19.14(128) d Monbulk 6.5(41)
Mount Evelyn Goals: L. Inaps (5 goals), T. Brill (4 goals), B. Batten (3 goals), M. Gibbons (2 goals), C. Burton (2 goals), T. Barbour (1 goal), X. Price (1 goal).
Monbulk Best: J. Graham, M. Dekker (1 goal), T. Wills (1 goal), N. Wall, S. Nicolaci, H. Emmett (1 goal).
Emerald 16.16(112) d Woori Yallock 1.2(8)
Emerald Best: M. Thomas, D. Edwards (1 goal), T. Rodwell (6 goals), C. Roma, R. Hall, B. Wood (1 goal).
Woori Yallock Best: R. Blackney, D. Wood, M. Cliff, J. Smith, P. Jenkin, F. Cousens.
Wandin 16.17(113) d Yarra Glen 1.2(8)
Wandin Best: D. Wathen, J. Byrne (1 goal), S. Barrand (1 goal), B. Stokes, R. Smith (2 goals), T. Smith.
Yarra Glen Best: J. Hull, M. Kikidopoulos, M. Morton, A. Plummer, L. Evans, Z. Capuano.
Division 1 A Grade Netball
Upwey Tecoma 63 d Healesville 38
Upwey Tecoma Best: Bianca Moffatt, Samantha Silvester (45 goals), Angela Wuttke (18 goals).
Healesville Best: Alexandra Bryan, Kellie Newton, Jennifer Schanssema (22 goals).
Monbulk Hawks 50 d Mount Evelyn 30
Monbulk Hawks Best: Sara Zachariah, Paige Whitworth, Lauren Byrnes (39 goals).
Mount Evelyn Best: Hannah Urquhart, Georgia Marsh (27 goals), Laura Black.
Olinda Ferny Creek 78 d Wandin 61
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Madison Taylor, Krista Tomlinson, Jane Batey.
Wandin Best: Melissa Martinov (25 goals), Jackie Cullimore (35 goals), Kathleen McMahon.
Warburton Millgrove 73 d Gembrook Cockatoo 24
Warburton Millgrove Best: Chelsea Barnard, Tatum Summers, Bianca Daniels (40 goals).
Gembrook Cockatoo Best: Ashleigh Frost, Jessica Mitchell, Lisa Triandafillou.
Woori Yallock 71 d Emerald 28
Woori Yallock Best: Abby Stranger, Emily Allwell, Jasmine Evans.
Emerald Best: Sally Rush, Kate Griffin, Meagan Baguley (17 goals).
Division 2 A Grade Netball
Alexandra 49 d Seville 33
Alexandra Best: Caitlin Haggis, Lauren Steyger (29 goals).
Seville Best: Olivia Lesiputty, Stevie-Lee Lowe, Samantha Reynolds.
Belgrave 103 d Thornton Eildon 19
Belgrave Best: Lauren Bennett (62 goals), Jennifer Dewhurst, Angela Jeffery.
Thornton-Eildon Best: Alyce Bertola (5 goals), Kayla Bowcher, Karina Kelly.
Yarra Glen 62 d Powelltown 35
Yarra Glen Best: Nicole Moate (27 goals), Alana Stone, Prue Purdey.
Powelltown Best: Shae Berriman, Emily Ough, Jessica Coffey.
Kinglake 38 d Yarra Junction 34
Kinglake Best: Kylie Wyatt, Paige Stanley (4 goals), Tarsha Collette (26 goals).
Yarra Junction Best: Ashley Ula, Jessica Sweet, Indiya Bosen (6 goals).
Yea – Bye.

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