Eagled-eyed effort is not in vain

The wedge-tailed eagle admiring itself in the camera's reflection.

By Derek Schlennstedt

A curious young wedge-tailed eagle has been caught admiring its own reflection from a camera placed in the Yarra Ranges.
The timestamps on the photos show the eagle was quite interested in the camera, spending around 20 minutes gazing at its own reflection and admiring itself from all angles.
The inquisitive eagle got up close and personal with one of DEWLP’s remote wildlife monitoring cameras and is seen approaching the camera to investigate.
The photos offer a rare glimpse into Australia’s largest bird of prey and the timely photos co-incide with the celebration of NAIDOC week, as Bunjil – the Aboriginal ancestral spirit and creator of the Kulin Nations,on which modern-day Melbourne stands – takes his form as a wedge-tailed eagle.
DELWP came across the photos while looking through weeks of images taken by the camera in the hope of capturing footage of the elusive smoky mouse.
While not common to see wedge-tailed eagles on the forest floor, it isn’t without precedent.
They often come to the ground to feed on rabbits, lizards, small birds and mammals; as well as roadkill and other dead animals.