By Cameron Hutchison

Division 1 Seniors
Semi-Final 1
Healesville 24.9(153) d Wandin 10.9(69)
Healesville live to breathe another day and will take on Olinda Ferny Creek in the Preliminary Final next week, while Wandin’s season is all over. Wandin got the early lead in the first quarter, kicking 4.4 to 2.4, but that was the only time they led. Healesville piled on 9.2 to a single goal in the second term and the lead was now in Healesville’s favour by 38 points at half-time. Healesville slammed on another 9.3 to two behinds in the third quarter and it was well and truly game over. Wandin outscored Healesville in the last, kicking 5.3 to four goals but the damage was done and it was all over for Wandin.
Healesville Goals: S. Gordon 9, R. Woodford 3, A. Davies 2, M. Jeffery 2, N. Aldridge 2, D. Anderson 2, S. Donkin 1, C. Warren 1, D. Plozza 1, J. Shaw 1
Best: S. Gordon, T. Costigan, M. Jeffery, P. Connell, B. Murphy, C. Warren.
Wandin Goals: J. Smith 2, R. Ross 2, N. Molnar 1, B. Foley 1, M. Polkinghorne 1, H. Byrne 1, D. Stephen 1, J. Chamberlain 1.
Best: J. Ladner, R. Ross, J. Smith, N. Molnar, J. James, H. Byrne.
Semi-Final 2
Woori Yallock 16.11(107) d Olinda Ferny Creek 12.7(79)
Woori Yallock have justified their minor premiership status and have progressed straight into the Grand Final after accounting for Olinda Ferny Creek, which will now take on Healesville again next week in the Preliminary Final. Olinda Ferny Creek got the early break, kicking 5.1 to 3.3 in the first term and had a lead of 10 points. Woori Yallock bounced back in the second quarter with 4.3 to 2.1 and they snatched the lead at half-time by four points. Woori Yallock had most of the play in the third term and held Olinda to 1.1, but managed 4.3 themselves and their lead was now 24 points. It was a bit of a goal feast in the last but Woori Yallock maintained control with 5.2 to Olinda’s 4.4.
Woori Yallock Goals: K. Busoli 6, B. Monkhorst 3, H. Smith 1, J. Williams 1, R. Allen 1, J. Matthews 1, Z. Monkhorst 1, S. Kennedy 1, B. Arnold 1.
Best: K. Busoli, C. Smedley, R. Monkhorst, H. Smith, B. Monkhorst, B. Arnold.
Olinda Ferny Creek Goals: J. Charge 4, M. Bonuda 3, D. Wilson 1, L. Taylor 1, B. Walter 1, J. Rankin 1, K. Currie 1.
Best: D. Wilson, J. Charge, M. Bonuda, M. Hottes, C. Beattie, N. Syme.
Division 1 Reserves
Semi-Final 1
Wandin 3.12(30) d Mount Evelyn 4.3(27)
In a low-scoring affair, Wandin have held on to take on Healesville next week in a Preliminary Final, while Mount Evelyn’s season has ended. Wandin got the early lead kicking only 1.4 but Mount Evelyn could only manage a single behind. Mount Evelyn rallied in the second term kicking two goals to Wandin’s 1.4 and the lead was seven points at half time to Wandin. The game tightened up even more in the third quarter with Wandin only managing four behinds to Mount Evelyn’s 1.1 and the margin was four points to Wandin. The last quarter was another low scoring 20 minutes with one goal apiece being kicked but Wandin snuck home by just three points.
Wandin Best: T. Adamson, S. Berner, M. Shanks, C. Foley, N. Crossland, A. Wisby.
Mount Evelyn Best: B. Maynard, R. Toughill, J. Arthur, L. Francis, M. Holly, J. Grimwood.
Semi-Final 2
Olinda Ferny Creek 14.4(68) d Healesville 3.8(26)
Olinda Ferny Creek have earned themselves a week’s break after winning today and are heading into a Grand Final. Healesville have another chance and will take on Wandin next week in a do or die game. Olinda Ferny Creek got the early advantage by six points at quarter time. They were impressive in the second quarter kicking 4.1 to just two behinds and their lead had blown out to 29 points. Olinda held Healesville goalless in the third term but kicked two goals and their lead was now 41 points. They really opened it up in the last kicking five goals to 1.3 and look forward to the break.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: G. Stevens, C. Eade, H. Greenall, B. Telford, B. Shaw, M. Harris.
Healesville Best: C. Barclay, R. Saric-Skewes, B. Wright, R. Hay, G. Mason, T. Sund.
Under 18s
Semi-Final 1
Healesville 12.12(84) d Upwey-Tecoma 10.9(69)
Healesville Best: M. Minney, S. Gommers, C. Wright, E. Muke, K. Brown, J. Neumann.
Upwey-Tecoma Best: N. Duckworth, S. Gibby, A. Bartils, A. Grenda, D. Wilson, B. Mercer.
Semi-Final 2
Wandin 10.9(69) d Woori Yallock 3.1(19)
Wandin Best: B. Stokes, R. Smith, L. Bell, S. Barrand, T. Garner.
Woori Yallock Best: S. Burnside, J. Smith, P. Jenkin, J. Gray, J. Irwin, M. Anderson.
Division 2 Seniors
Preliminary final
Belgrave 16.18(114) d Powelltown 8.7(55)
Belgrave are heading into a Grand Final next Saturday at Woori Yallock against Yarra Glen after a very healthy 59-point win. Belgrave peppered the goals in the first term with six scoring shots to three but their lead was only three points. Powelltown then slammed on 4.1 to 2.1 and the lead was the Demons by nine points. Belgrave came out after half-time and kicked 6.3 to 3.2 to again reverse the lead back to them by 10 points. Belgrave completely dominated in the last, holding Powelltown to just two behinds while they had all the play and piled on 7.9 to win in very impressive fashion.
Belgrave Goals: M. Johnson 3, L. Foreman 3, J. Schill 2, Y. Curtis 1, J. Brown 1, T. Marks 1, M. Noy 1, T. Stubley 1, N. Somervaille 1, M. Brown 1, J. McDermott 1.
Best: T. Stubley, M. Johnson, M. Brown, P. Gough, C. Power, J. Webb.
Powelltown Goals: D. Rees 3, D. Roy 2, L. Middlemast 1, S. Carter 1, B. Jackson 1.
Best: J. Rohan, W. Dore, L. Middlemast, R. McCrimmon, J. Walker, M. McArthur.
Divison 2 Reserves
Preliminary Final
Powelltown v Yarra Glen
Yarra Glen has made their way into next week’s Grand Final at Woori Yallock and will take on Belgrave for the chance to make it back-to-back premierships.
Yarra Glen Best: W. Goodwin, J. Derksen, D. Howard, R. D’Argent, B. Byrne, B. Hart.
Powelltown Best: B. Traynor, C. Betka, D. Saunderson, R. Goodinson, C. Ladewig, J. Dobson.

Semi-Final 1
Division 1 A Grade
Wandin 40 d Warburton Millgrove 36
Wandin will progress into a Preliminary Final next week after beating Warburton Millgrove in a close one on Saturday. Wandin got the early jump shooting 10 goals to four in the first quarter. Karly Wappett was a lone force under the ring for Warburton in the second term shooting 10 goals and the margin was reduced to four. The third quarter was a tight affair with both sides shooting 11 goals. The last term gave neither side an advantage as it was all tied up at again at 11 goals each and the margin remained at four goals.
Wandin Best: Tayissa Coppinger, Carly McDonnell, Charlotte Sparkes.
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Kellie Davidson, Karly Wappett, Tatum Summers.
Division 1 B Grade
Monbulk Hawks 50 d Wandin 32
Monbulk Hawks Best: Sara Zachariah, Tahlia Northey, Tiana Mancarella.
Wandin Best: Tash Halton, Sophie Hennessey, Danielle Smith.
Division 1 C Grade
Warburton-Millgrove 29 d Olinda Ferny Creek 22
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Jacqueline Darwell, Morgan Moran, Samantha Hansen.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Alana Wallis, Adrienne Oates, Tess Gellie.
Division 1 D Grade
Warburton-Millgrove 29 d Woori Yallock 17
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Peta Adams, Courtney McLean, Teagan Adams.
Woori Yallock Best: Sophie Young, Cassidy McInnes, Alexandra McInnes.
Semi Final 2
Division 1 A Grade
Olinda Ferny Creek 71 d Woori Yallock 41
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Alice Paget, Ashlee Howard, Krista Tomlinson.
Woori Yallock Best: Casey Barnes. Jasmine Evans, Sarah Hogan.
Division 1 B Grade
Woori Yallock 48 d Olinda Ferny Creek 35
Woori Yallock Best: Mia Sudomirski, Alana McGurgan, Kelsey Eslick.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Rhiannon Pendleton, Jacqui Carr, Samantha Smith.
Division 1 C Grade
Wandin 32 d Woori Yallock 28
Wandin Best: Holly McInerney, Alanna Lennie, Brooke Smith.
Woori Yallock Best: Abbie Barnes, Kimberley Williams, Ellie VanDerWesthuizen.
Division 1 D Grade
Wandin 28 d Olinda Ferny Creek 25
Wandin Best: Emily Corbett, Alicia Kay, Lauren Ball.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Leah Cody, Abbie Gunn, Nicole Millwood.
Under 17s
Semi-Final 1
Healesville 27 d Olinda Ferny Creek 26
Healesville Best: Lara Wandin-Collins, April Coleman, Casey Wandin-Collins.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Kirsten Andrich, Ashlynn McClelland, Molly O’Bryan.
Semi-Final 2
Woori Yallock 29 d Wandin 24
Woori Yallock Best: Mia Sudomirski, Alana McGurgan, Abbie Barnes.
Wandin Best: Olivia Speelmeyer, Madison Rouget, Bethany Cross.
Preliminary Final
Division 2 A Grade
Yarra Glen 45 d Kinglake 39
Yarra Glen will take on Belgrave in the Grand Final next week after beating Kinglake by six goals. Kinglake got the early lead shooting 11 goals to seven in the first quarter. Yarra Glen turned it around in the second term, shooting 12 goals to nine but Kinglake held the slimmest of leads by one goal at half-time. Yarra Glen fired up in the third quarter, holding Kinglake to just six goals and shot 15 themselves to snatch the lead by eight goals at three-quarter time. Kinglake challenged in the last shooting 13 goals to 11 but the third quarter blowout proved their undoing.
Yarra Glen Goals: Georgia Taylor 29, Nicole Moate 16.
Best: Stacey Moate, Nicole Moate, Edana Lacey.
Kinglake Goals: Samantha Goggins 22, Jade White 9, Laura Atkins 8.
Best: Samantha Goggins, Paige Stanley, Kylie Wyatt.
Division 2 B Grade
Yea 46 d Alexandra 45
Yea Best: Cindy Newcomen, Rhiannon Aldous, Lauren Cronk.
Alexandra Best: Olivia Twining, Shona Gesler, Hana Duldig.
Division 2 C Grade
Kinglake 36 d Yea 29
Kinglake Best: Lauren McMahon, Errin White, Stacey Chalmers.
Yea Best: Ruby O’Dwyer, Emily Aldous, Fiona Purvis.
Division 2 D Grade
Belgrave 29 d Yea 20
Belgrave Best: Justine DeGraaf, Emily Dowling, Krystal Hammond.
Yea Best: Leisa Peters, Sarah Lobley, Rhiannon Apted.

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