Mural makes a splash

Artist Paul Sonsie with his magpie mural.

By Casey Neill

Home-grown artist Paul Sonsie has made his mark on a blank wall at Healesville Primary.

The school held an assembly on Friday 27 July to officially unveil the murals – one featuring a platypus and the other a magpie.

Paul grew up in Healesville, though attended Badger Creek Primary before heading to Healesville High School.

He’s now making a living from his art and enjoys opportunities to give back to his home town.

“I love doing public artworks and I love working with kids,” he said.

“Openings like these bring art to life.”

Paul said the students were inspired by an ibis he’d painted in Main Street.

“They loved the black and white style,” he said.

The platypus is the school emblem so was an obvious subject.

“The swooping magpie – that’s in everyone’s school yard memories,” Paul said.