Signing off at Seville Primary

Heather Glenn is retiring after 30 years teaching at Seville Primary School.188700_01

By Michael Doran

After 30 years teaching at Seville Primary School, Heather Glenn had hoped for a quiet, no-fuss glide into retirement. Judging by the crowd at her retirement function on Monday 10 December her exit will be anything but quiet.

In a tribute to her dedicated service to the school and a career spanning 39 years, colleague Lu Garner said that Heather was not one to talk about herself or her achievements.

“With Heather it is always about the kids and making them the stars. She is there behind the scenes making sure things happen but always with a minimum of fuss,” she said.

“Heather is always positive, caring and thoughtful and words aren’t really enough to say how much we have enjoyed working with her. I don’t know what we are going to do without her.”

Asked about memorable moments, Ms Glenn said that watching families grow and stay part of the schools community was one of them.

“Seeing children that I have taught from prep coming back with their own children makes me realise the years have gone by. It fascinates me that children I have taught have brought their children back to the same school.

“My biggest joy has been seeing students just all of a sudden have that ‘I get it’ moment. Sometimes it has been reading where they don’t want to read and then suddenly they start reading because they have worked it out.

“A big change over the years is that you are not teaching a bulk group of children, you have got to focus on their individual learning as well. We are catering for all levels within the grade and not leaving anyone behind.

“When I went to school it was all about polished shoes, taking a hankie to school, lots of rules and bigger classes. It’s not like that nowadays. Teaching is still a very rewarding career and to see children achieve and grow in so many ways is a wonderful thing to be part of.

“I am going to miss the routine and the school is a second home. Most of all I will miss the children, my colleagues and all the families I have got to know these last 30 years.”


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