Horizons opening at the Memo

Artist Tania Chanter. 181900_01

By Michael Doran

‘Horizons’ is a new exhibition by Silvan artist, Tania Chanter, that is opening at The Memorial Hall in Healesville on Friday 1 February at 7pm.

This is her first solo exhibition and comes just over a year since she first began her career as a painter. As she told The Mail last year, her first work was done as a family activity with her sons and the passion developed from there.

“It’s quite interesting, I had absolutely no idea I was going to get into art,” she said.

The initial enthusiasm came from watching ‘The joy of painting’ by Bob Ross on Youtube and she has since developed her own style, taking inspiration from the landscapes and surrounds of the Dandenongs and the Yarra Valley.

“My feelings flow directly onto the canvas in an uninterrupted, intuitive flow; layers, textures and colours blend and evolve before me until some secret inner part of me feels satisfied. I don’t question or reflect on the process as it takes shape, I simply let the emotions rule the head. Around my home, nature overwhelms the human environment.”

Her first showings were at Kallista Tea House in the Dandenongs and Round Birds cafe in Lilydale. The Memo is her first solo exhibition and she has been shortlisted for the 2019 Art Lovers Australia Prize, marking a year of progress in her new career.

Reflecting on her own shift into an artistic career, Ms Chanter said, “What this has proved to me more than anything is that you can only limit yourself. I had no idea I was going to paint or enjoy painting but everyone should try it.”

The Exhibition will be opened by Gary Collier, Director Tusk Gallery, and runs until Tuesday 12 March.