Trail sabotaged by spikes

Mason Friedl''s tyres were punctured by metal spikes.

By Jed Lanyon

A four-wheel driver has voiced his frustrations online after two of his tyres were punctured on an off-road track near Toolangi State Forest.

Mason Friedl’s tyres were punctured by several metal spikes lining the track, in what he believed was a deliberate act to prevent off-road four-wheel driving in the area.

“We all know not everyone agrees with 4wding and off-road riding but to go this far out of your way to try stop us is just pathetic and also extremely dangerous,” said Mr Friedl on social media.

“Do you even stop to think how dangerous this would be if a motorbike rider/dog/child/native animal had have come in contact with these spikes?”

“These four spikes were dug up along 20 metres of track. God knows how many are out here in total,” he said.

Mr Friedl said that he has used this track before and that he had had been driving for over an hour into the bush when the incident occurred.

He said he was stranded for several hours before a friend could come out and help replace the tyres.

Mr Friedl said that two new tyres cost him around $500.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer of Forest Fire Management Victoria, Aaron Kennedy spoke about the incident.

“This reckless and dangerous behaviour poses a significant threat to members of the community who legitimately use forest roads for recreational activities including four-wheel driving, trail-bike riding and horse riding.

“It also threatens the safety of our staff as they continue to respond to bushfires and undertake forest management activities.

“Forest Fire Management Victoria takes the threat to community safety and our staff seriously, and is working with Victoria Police to investigate these incidents, Mr Kennedy said.