Debut for Kinglake author

Author Aaron Huggins. 191458_01

By Michael Doran

Some parents may despair that their teenagers prefer a screen to a book but that’s not the case in the Huggins household in Kinglake.

Aaron Huggins is a book person and on Sunday 31 March this 15 year old high school student’s first novel, Live a Little, will be launched in Kinglake.

The publishers say “Live a Little is the first in the Rastis Melchior series, from debut author Aaron Huggins, who bursts onto the scene with this confident and mature – and hilarious – sci-fi murder mystery.”

Aaron is in Year 10 at Yea High School and he said that creative writing has always been something he has enjoyed since primary school in Kinglake.

“I’ve always enjoyed reading which I guess would have influenced my writing a fair bit,” he said. “I started writing when we did a book of short stories at primary school and then I did after school writing classes.

“I do read some sci-fi books and the murder mystery bit I mostly get from watching TV shows,” he said when asked about the inspiration for his book. “I guess I just had an idea and I wanted to get it down and see how it looks on paper rather than just in my head.”

The writing process took around four months and although there were a few writers-block moments he found the book was “mostly easy to write. I just sort of wrote when inspiration struck me and I wrote a lot of it in the school holidays.”

“Seeing the finished book was pretty exciting and I couldn’t really believe it at first,” he said. “I definitely want to write some more in the series and I’ve actually started writing the next one already.”

Already on sale through Kindle and Amazon, Live a Little will be launched at the Lawson Room, Kinglake Hotel on Sunday 31 March at 2pm.


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