Warburton road causes chaos for local business

Thomas Avenue, Warburton. Picture: Tate Jerrems

By Jed Lanyon

Shopkeepers in Warburton have expressed their frustrations regarding the lack of an appropriate turning circle on Thomas Avenue behind shops on the Warburton Highway.

The area in question is a laneway that ends behind Treehouse Nature and Healing, forcing drivers to make a three-point turn alongside parked cars, businesses and pedestrians.

The shopkeepers have requested the installation of a proper turning circle along the corner of Thomas Avenue or a roundabout, which would lead to the removal of a grassed area alongside the road.

A fence running along the back of one of the local businesses was damaged recently by a vehicle that failed to correctly use the current turning bay, that is being labelled inadequate.Yarra Ranges Mayor Tony Stevenson responded to the issue.

“Yarra Ranges Council has received a number of complaints from a business regarding parking, traffic and signage at the end of Thomas Avenue in Warburton,” he said.

“These issues center around use of a private driveway for turning around and parking, and questions about the turning area at the end of the avenue.

“We understand that parking on private property can be frustrating, as a result of our conversations with the business owners, council will be installing ‘No Stopping’ parking restrictions in the area, to reinforce the use of the turning area and discourage improper parking,” Mr Stevenson said.

“It was requested that a garden bed be removed to widen the turning area and turn it into a roundabout for vehicles.

“The Thomas Avenue area’s landscaping followed significant consultation with local residents and business owners at the time, so council will first look at managing traffic with the existing layout, before considering any possible changes to the landscaping of the area,” Mr Stevenson said.

“The issues raised will also be recorded as part of the current discussion for the Warburton Place Plan, which will be a guiding document for council over the next 20 years.”