Q&A with Allan Rennick, Healesville High School principal

Allan Rennick.

 What is something most people don’t know about you?

I was born in England.

What classes did you teach before becoming principal?

Many classes. My majors were physical education and accounting and I also taught mathematics, geography and outdoor education among many others.

Looking back at when you first became principal, what advice would you have given yourself?

Listen carefully when people are speaking with you. Try to understand from the other person’s point of view before you commence putting your viewpoint.

What has been your most memorable moment?

The birth of my first child, equalled subsequently by the births of my other two children.

What event, past or present or future would you like to witness?

World peace would be good – no wars, fighting or terrorism.

What subject did you enjoy at school?

PE was always my favourite. I would have played sport all day, every day. I also very much enjoyed maths.

What has been your biggest achievement?

That’s a really tough question. I think I’m doing OK at being a dad so I might go with that.

What encouraged you to become a teacher?

I had a couple of excellent teachers when I was at school and although I didn’t ever speak with them about careers, I thought that what they were doing was really valuable so I considered teaching.

Did you always want to become a principal?

No, not at all – although now I am glad that I did take the first step and become an assistant principal. That was really an accident. There was a vacancy and the principal at the time asked me whether I would do the job for a short time – even then I took a few days before I said yes.

Did you always want to become a teacher or was there another career you considered?

Also, no. Being an AFL footballer was my ideal job and in fact, was all I wanted to do for a very long time. Back then football wasn’t a full-time occupation and I wasn’t ever good enough to get to the top level so a PE teacher was, I thought, the next best thing.

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