Operation Scoreboard

Victoria Police will be executing their game plan over the grand final long weekend and ask the community to consider theirs as police officers focus on road safety state-wide.

Police will be targeting speed, distraction type offences, drug driving and drink driving, and the operation will run from Thursday midnight until Sunday Midnight.

The AFL Grand Final public holiday on Friday 27 September provides an opportunity for families to free themselves from their usual commitments and it is anticipated that large numbers of people will use Victorian roads, often driving long distances in unfamiliar driving conditions.

Motorists are requested to stay within the speed limit, don’t drink alcohol or take drugs and drive, leave your mobile phone out of reach, wear your seatbelt/child restraints and make sure you are well rested.

Speed Cameras will be rostered in known high collision locations and there will be an increased presence of police.

Fatigue is one of the biggest killers on Victorian roads. Drivers are requested to plan their trip, be patient and ensure that you take at least a 15 minutes break at least every two hours and don’t drive if you are tired.

Drivers planning to travel during this period can expect to see an increase in vehicles travelling on our major freeways and highways throughout the State.

Causing a stink

Yarra Glen Tennis Club has yet again been the target of vandals.

Yarra Glen Police are now investigating three seperate incidents where vandals have broken into the Tennis Club.

On the first occasion, drinks were stolen from the club. On the second occasion, the offenders defecated in the kitchen sink.

The third incident occurred between 7:30pm on 20 September and 9am on 22 September. According to Police, the offenders forced entry to the club and left an empty alcohol bottle and cigarettes strewn across the clubroom.

Anyone with information or who may have seen suspicious activity is urged to contact Yarra Glen Police Station on 9730 1296.

What a load of rubbish!

Ten mattresses, 30 tyres, one couch, 400+ cans, and a clothesline were amongst the six trailer-loads of household garbage were retrieved by Forest Fire Management Victoria crews and volunteers from the Yarra Valley 4×4 Club in the Yarra State Forest last weekend.

Most of the rubbish was collected along a stretch of road in Warburton less than three kilometres from the nearest tip.

Dumping of rubbish is not only illegal and unsightly, it damages the native environment; contaminating waterways and harming plants and animals, and is a hazard to forest users.

To dob in a dumper call FFMVic on 136 186 or contact your local office. Reports can be made anonymously.

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