School’s push for electronic speed signs

Cindy McLeish MP outside Wesburn Primary School

Wesburn Primary School’s push to see electronic speed signs installed along the Warburton Highway continues as Eildon MP Cindy McLeish says she is outraged at the lack of seriousness and action taken by the Department of Transport on the issue.

Ms McLeish put the question to the Minister for Roads in February, to make available the appropriate funds to install the 40km/h electronic speed signs along the Warburton Highway as a matter of priority.

But the Department said traffic flow is not heavy enough to deem electronic signs to be installed.

“The Wesburn Primary School community have been calling for the installation of these signs for years,” Ms McLeish said.

“This safety matter has been going on since 2016 and is unfortunately falling on deaf ears.”

McLeish says Warburton Highway is a main road full of dangerous bends and is extremely difficult to see crossing attendants during the winter due to regular fog and poor weather.

Wesburn Primary School Principal, Anne Stenhouse said, “The safety of students, staff and crossing attendants as they cross the Warburton Highway going to or from Wesburn Primary School has been neglected for many years. Regularly they are in danger of being hit by cars, buses and trucks.

“Drivers often do not see the current signs and drive through at 60kph or more and then are forced to pull up suddenly to avoid hitting people. There have been several documented near misses.

“We desperately need electronic speed limit signs to alert drivers to the school crossing and keep our community safe.”

“I support Cindy in raising this issue in Parliament and implore members to consider the safety of the Wesburn community.”

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