Branch collection on its way

Residents can take part in the council's branch bundle collection in November and December. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

Residents and property owners are being encouraged to reduce excess vegetation ahead of and during summer, to prepare for the fire season.

The Yarra Ranges Council will be offering bundled branch collections throughout November and December to help residents maintain their properties.

Community members can place out bundles of branches (each tree limb should be no longer than 1.5m, no wider than 200mm, and each bundle tied with non-plastic string) out for collection in their usual waste collection spot, and they will be picked up on their designated week.

Different collection dates have been scheduled for different areas and locals are advised to find their collection day through the council’s website.

Tips for making the most of your Bundled Branches collection:

Put your branches out where your bins are usually collected from on the Sunday before your collection week

Tie the bundles with natural fibres, like cotton or jute string. Never use metal wire or plastic, as this can clog mulching machines and contaminate the product. We may not be able to collect branches tied with metal or plastic.

Bundles need to be lifted safely by one person and fit in our collection truck, so try to keep bundles not-too-heavy, and not longer than 1.5m. If you’re in doubt, make two smaller bundles so we can safely collect them.

Only place branches out for collection. Please use green bins or local waste transfer stations to dispose of weeds and green vegetation.