Almost 29000 Toyota Landcruiser and Tundra models recalled

Almost 29,000 Toyota Landcruiser and Tundra cars have been recalled. Picture: ON FILE

28,491 2021 to 2024 Toyota Landcruiser and Tundra models have been recalled due to an issue with the transmission.

Due to a design issue, the transmission control module may not operate as intended. If this occurs, the automatic transmission may continue to transfer engine power to the wheels when shifted to the neutral position. If the brake pedal or park brake are not applied it may result in unintended vehicle movement if the shift lever is not moved to Park position.

An unintended movement of the vehicle may increase the risk of an accident causing serious injuries or death to vehicle occupants and/or other road users.

Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by Toyota and are asked to make an appointment to update the transmission control module software, free of charge.

Prior to updating the transmission control module software, owners are encouraged to use the shift levers Park position rather than Neutral.

The affected models are the Landcruiser 300 (FJA300) and Tundra (VXKH75) including the Landcruiser Wagon GR-S, Landcruiser Wagon GX, Landcruiser Wagon GXL, Landcruiser Wagon Sahara, Landcruiser Wagon Sahara ZX, Landcruiser Wagon VX, Tundra Limited variants.