New chair of local government grants commision

Steven Kingshott, the new Chairperson of the VLGGC. Picture: UNSPLASH

The Victorian Government has announced Steven Kingshott as the new Chairperson of the Victorian Local Government Grants Commission (VLGGC).

Mr Kingshott has extensive experience across the corporate, public and local government sectors.

He will serve as VLGGC Chair from 1 April 2024 to 31 October 2027, following an open and competitive recruitment process.

Local government minister Melissa Horne said the Commission plays an important role in supporting local councils to deliver on the unique needs of their communities.

“Mr Kingshott brings the skills and experience the Commission requires to consider the needs of local councils and the communities they serve – I look forward to working with him,” she said.

The VLGGC is a three-member, independent statutory body that prepares recommendations to the Australian Government on the distribution of financial assistance grants for Victoria’s councils.

The grants support the state’s 79 councils to deliver vital services to their communities based on their local priorities, ranging from recreation and culture to community services and maintenance of local roads.

For the 2023-24 financial year, the VLGGC recommended the allocation of more than $747 million in financial assistance grants, with $550 million for general purpose grants and $197 million for local roads grants.

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