Over 8000 offences during Operation Nexus

Over 8200 traffic offences were detected over the Easter long weekend. Picture: ON FILE

Over 8,000 traffic offences were detected across Victoria over the Easter weekend as part of Victoria Police’s Operation Nexus.

This included almost 4,000 Victorians caught speeding, with over 400 people clocked travelling more than 25km/h over the speed limit.

On top of this, 378 impaired drivers were taken off the roads for getting behind the wheel with alcohol and drugs in their system.

Over 1,200 people were also detected either driving unlicensed or unregistered vehicles.

Road Policing Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir said in the lead up to Easter, police were concerned a number of people would drive impaired over the Easter period and sadly that became a reality.

“And to see people combining alcohol and speed is terrifying, putting not only their lives but the lives of others at serious risk,” he said.

Sadly, three people died over the long weekend, including two separate motorbike accidents in Oakleigh South and Gordon where it’s believed the riders lost control of their bikes.

Motorbike riders are overrepresented in road fatalities in Victoria this year, with 17 deaths compared to 13 at the same time in 2023.

A third man was killed alongside his dog, while standing near his vehicle, in a tragic accident near Morwell.

Pedestrian fatalities have doubled this year compared to last year with 10 in 2024 and 5 at the same time in 2023.

Two of the fatal collisions occurred in rural areas, a trend which police have been particularly concerned about.

More than half of all deaths on the roads in 2024 have occurred in rural Victoria.

A breakdown of key offences detected during Operation Nexus include:

• 8,238 traffic offences detected over the five-day operation.

• 3,691 people caught speeding. 2,835 drivers were travelling between 10km/h and 25km/h over the limit, while 411 people were clocked travelling 25km/h or more over the speed limit.

• 231 drivers detected drink driving from 137,763 preliminary breath tests – a strike rate of 1 in 596.

• 147 drug drivers from 2,878 roadside drug tests – one in 20 tests were positive.

• 480 people caught behind the wheel without a valid license (disqualified or unlicensed).

• 728 people driving unregistered vehicles.

• 283 people intercepted while driving and using their mobile phones.

• 444 incidents of disobeying signs or signals

• 129 Vehicle Impounds

• 147 Seat Belt Offences

Ass Commr Weir said police saw two separate occasions of people overloading their cars, with children, then driving impaired.

“This is complete idiocy and it’s lucky none of those children were killed or injured,” he said.

“The Easter long weekend has finished but we will continue to be on our roads, anytime, anywhere.”

Operation Nexus targeted dangerous and reckless behaviour across the state during a traditionally high-risk period on our roads.

So far this year 73 people have died on Victoria’s roads compared with 82 at the same time last year.