Digital driver licence launch

Victorian drivers now have the option to carry their licence on their phone. Picture: Unsplash, WHY KEI.

Millions of Victorians will now have the option to carry their licence on their phone, with the State Federal Government’s digital driver licenses set to begin rolling out across the state next month.

Roads and Road Safety Minister Melissa Horne and Government Services Minister Gabrielle Williams visited Hertz car rental on Saturday 6 April to announce the rollout, with work underway to ensure staffs are ready to accept this new form of ID across their car rental outlets in Victoria.

Throughout April, consultation will ramp up with organisations that rely on photo identification including bars, restaurants, retailers, Victoria Police, and Australia Post to ensure they’re prepared for the rollout.

Roads and Road Safety Minister Melissa Horne said the digital licences will give Victorian drivers the freedom to drive without carrying it with them.

“Our digital driver licences will make it easier for Victorians when they go about their day-to-day lives – whether that’s driving around, renting a car, collecting a parcel, or visiting a licensed venue,” she said.

In May, more than 4.5 million Victorians who are fully licenced drivers, motorcyclists, or heavy vehicle operators will be the first eligible to download digital driver’s licences as part of the state-wide launch.

This follows a successful trial in Ballarat last year, where more than 15,000 Victorians accessed their digital licences via the myVicRoads and Service Victoria apps.

Digital licences have undergone rigorous privacy and security testing, boasting features like a dynamic hologram and a timed QR code that businesses and authorities can scan to verify authenticity and prevent fraudulent use.

Hertz APAC Vice President Eoin MacNeill said it’s a win-win for Victorian drivers and the broader business community alike.

“By enabling drivers to carry their licenses digitally, we’re not just keeping pace with the digital age but also offering a more streamlined and accessible option,” he said.

The licences can also be updated in real-time if there are changes to licence conditions or personal information like home addresses.

Victorians who have downloaded either the VicRoads or Services Victoria app will automatically receive their digital licence through their app once it has been processed in May and will be alerted either by push notification or email.

Learners and probationary licence holders will be able to access their digital licence by 2025. Visit the VicRoads or Service Victoria websites to find out more about digital driver licences.