Safe burn-offs are now permitted as CFA lifts fire restrictions

Residents can now conduct safe burn-offs. Picture: ON FILE.

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) has lifted the fire restrictions and is urging residents to conduct safe burn-offs now

As fire restrictions are lifted across the municipalities of Yarra Ranges, Manningham, Maroondah and Knox and various other locations across the state, the CFA urges residents to prioritise safety when conducting burn-offs on their properties.

While the lifting of fire restrictions in these areas are crucial, residents are urged to be vigilant and be safe to prevent the risk of your burn off getting out of control.

The following is recommendations from the CFA for a safer burn-offs:

Follow Regulations: Adhere to regulations or laws set by your local council.

Monitor Weather Conditions: Pay attention to weather conditions, especially wind.

Gusty winds and high temperatures can result in your fire escaping. If these conditions

occur consider postponing or cancelling your burn-off activity.

Create a clear area: Establish a gap in vegetation or fire break with at least three

meters cleared of all flammable material and keep your burn off away from trees.

Never Leave Unattended: Ensure there are enough people to monitor, contain, and

extinguish the burn safely and effectively. Never leave a burn-off unattended.

Register Your Burn-Off: Notify Triple Zero Victoria of your planned burn.

You can register online through the Fire Permits Victoria website allowing for 2 or more hours’ notice.

Alternatively, you can call Triple Zero Victoria at 1800 668 511 or email the

completed Burn Off Notification Form to

Notify Neighbours: Inform your neighbours if your burn-off.

By adhering to these tips, residents can conduct burn-offs safely and help reduce the risk of

out-of-control fires during the post-fire restriction period.

CFA A/Assistant Chief Fire Officer Andrew Booth urges people to exercise extreme caution

when cleaning up properties using private burn-offs and encourage people to visit our website for tips on how to safely do that.

“It includes advice such as always checking fire restrictions with your local council and

registering your burn on 1800 668 511, to check and monitor weather conditions, and having sufficient equipment and water to stop the fire spreading.”

Visit for further information about Burning Off Safely.