Restoration of Healesville Primary School Memorial Gates

Healesville Primary School Memorial Gates. Picture: DONGYUN KWON

By Dongyun Kwon

The Victorian Government confirmed that Healesville RSL will receive a $5000 grant to restore the Memorial Gates at Healesville Primary School.

In approximately 1942, Healesville RSL gifted the Memorial Gates to Healesville Primary School as a way to recognise the service of local Australians who dedicated their lives to the First and Second World Wars.

Healesville RSL president Colette Shaw said the gates have come to mean a lot to the local community and Healesville Primary School as a way to remember all of those who came before them and gave so much.

“As time goes on, the gates have fallen into a state requiring urgent restoration to ensure they remain reflective of the respect deserved of those that not only gave their time but also to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice,” she said.

“The Healesville Primary School Gates are heritage listed. As such, it is important to ensure they are looked after.

“The Healesville RSL has applied and been successful in achieving a grant to support funding restoration of the Healesville Primary School Memorial Gates to their original condition, thus ensuring the Memorial Gates continue to serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by locals.”

Healesville RSL will contact heritage specialists shortly to check what will be needed to carry out the restoration.

Healesville Primary School principal Tracey Robertson-Smith said the memorial gates are used by the school for special assemblies on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

“Our teachers do small units of study with their students around these special days – concepts like patriotism, sacrifice and gratitude are covered in the context of war,” she said.

“Our captains all play a part in these special assemblies as we try to make those concepts understandable for all students in Prep through to Grade 6.

“I know our upper school students also investigated the history of the gates and their significance earlier this year.”

Anyone who knows any other information about the Healesville Primary School Memorial Gates is encouraged to contact Healesville RSL via

“We would love to know more about who built the Healesville Primary School Memorial Gates and any other details,” Ms Shaw said.