Concerns regarding proposed development for Badger Creek’s caravan park

The reception of the Big4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park. (File: 285838)

By Dongyun Kwon

Badger Creek residents, who live close to BIG4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park, are concerned about a proposed multi-million dollar upgrade that’s currently being deliberated by Yarra Ranges Council.

BIG4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park has applied for a planning permit for over $11 million worth of upgrades to its park in Badger Creek to construct three new buildings (entry building, aquatic centre and recreation pavilion), remove native vegetation, display a business identification sign and use of land to sell and consume liquor.

Victoria Cunneen, who lives near the park, said she, her husband Michael Kett and other neighbours have suffered from some issues because of the holiday park’s proximity to their homes. 

“We have noise emissions and intruders that come into our property from the caravan park,” she said.

“One of my neighbours has also had intruders and rubbish that flows downwind. 

“The lights, installed a few years ago, are brighter than the MCG. The light pollution is coming into our property.” 

Ms Cunneen claimed this major development is all about making money, and local residents are being overlooked. 

“It’s not about what’s good for the community, local residents and habitat. With the development, it’s going to double their numbers, so there are concerns with the traffic because we have large potholes along that road,” she said.

“They’re looking at getting a takeaway liquor license till one o’clock in the morning, so with that, there will be more noise and drunk and disorderly people. One of our neighbours continually has drunk people entering their property even now.

“It’s the little people up against the big corporate and we just feel that we’re not taken into consideration, how it impacts us and our health.”

BIG4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park was successful with its submission for the Enabling Tourism Fund by the Victorian State Government in 2022.

Park Lane Group sales and marketing head Dan Wallwork said BIG4 Yarra Valley Park Lane Holiday Park is actively working with the Yarra Ranges Council on the approval of their master plan.

“Through this fund, we have been able to collaborate with Breathe Architecture, which is Australia’s most awarded sustainable architecture and design firm,” he said.

“Breathe Architecture leads a transformation in building design, with environmental, social, and economic sustainability at its core.

“Additionally, we have engaged expert landscape architecture firm Openwork to assist in creating a beautiful and natural landscape design.”

Park Lane Group’s mission is to achieve a design that meets the commercial requirements of the project while using the lightest touch possible to showcase and celebrate what makes the Yarra Valley region truly special.

Mr Wallwork said Park Lane Group is pleased to collaborate with the exceptional professionals. 

“Their expertise is helping us to balance the environmental impact of this project with the desire to offer a superior tourism product which will benefit businesses across the region,” he said.

“Supported by the Enabling Tourism Funding, this innovative approach has enabled us to complete a careful planning process to minimise any negative impacts of the development.

“We believe it is our responsibility, regardless of the development we undertake, to do so with the utmost respect for the area, the environment, the local economy, and the original custodians of the land.”

Yarra Ranges Council planning and sustainable future director Kath McClusky said the council’s planning team is currently reviewing the application and associated documents.

“Once it has all relevant information, the application will be advertised to the public,” she said.


“Once the advertising period has finished, the application will be assessed against the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme, considering all submissions, before a final decision is made.


“No date has been set for advertising and no decision has been made on this application. Environmental aspects and design concerns will be considered as part of the process.”

To know more about this planning permit application, please visit the following website,