Charlie the cockie is safe and sound

Charlie is enjoying the view from the apple tree at his new home. (Supplied)

The new owners of Healesville Stock Feeds wish to update the community on the ongoing adventures of Charlie the cockie.

Since the new owners purchased the business, Charlie has been on holiday at their home.

“We get him out every day so he can have a wander around the garden,” owners Scott and Jamie say.

“He loves sitting in my apple tree, watching movies on my lap and has dinner with us every night.”

“We understand that Charlie the cockie is loved by the community and we want to let you all know that he is well and enjoying life.”

Charlie absolutely adores the family dogs – he thinks he is one! He barks, digs, pinches their bones, and pants.

Charlie will be coming back to the shop soon as Scot and Jamie await a new cage for him to transition between at home and the shop.

“We love him dearly and just want to give him the best life possible!”

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