Avoid dry eye

Let the Yarra Junction Optical team help with any and all eye concerns. Picture: SUPPLIED.

Introducing our new optometrist Dr Angelique de Abreu.

Angelique completed her Doctor of Optometry degree at the University of Melbourne in 2014 and a Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience at Monash in 2004. She is a caring and observant optometrist who enjoys providing her patients with the highest level of quality vision and ocular health care. Angie is happy to see patients from all walks of life.

Angelique’s interests include myopia control, retinal conditions, paediatric and neuro-optometry. It is her main goal with each patient for them to feel heard, well looked after and informed about their vision and eye health.

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Don’t suffer in silence with Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye occurs when there is insufficient production or imbalance of any of the components in the tear film, leading to ocular discomfort. Apart from the feeling of dryness, the symptoms of dry eyes can include:

– Gritty, stinging or watery eyes

– Intermittent blurred vision that is relieved through blinking

– Foreign body sensation

– Light sensitivity

Many people don’t associate watery eyes with Dry Eye! It makes sense, how can you have dry eyes when they feel the opposite? If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, book an eye exam with one of our optometrists and let us help you find the right treatment and solution to alleviate your discomfort. All of our treatments are gentle, non-invasive and can provide you with instant long-lasting relief.

At Yarra Junction Optical we have a special interest in the treatment of Dry Eye and our non invasive Blephasteam treatments can significantly reduce the symptoms of Dry Eye, providing you with instant relief. Head to our website for more information www.yarrajunctionoptical.com.au

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