Goal feasts in big round


By Cameron Hutchison

Round 5 was played in beautiful conditions for footy and netball, some grounds were a bit slippery and the sun was shining on some clubs and others found it tough.

Big scores were the order of the day with some big winning margins.

The winners in senior football: Mount Evelyn, Olinda Ferny Creek, Upwey Tecoma, Wandin, Monbulk, Gembrook Cockatoo, Yarra Glen, Seville and Yea.

A Grade netball winners: Upwey-Tecoma, Belgrave, Olinda Ferny Creek, Woori Yallock, Mount Evelyn, Gembrook Cockatoo, Powelltown, Seville and Kinglake.

For those that also have an interest in the reserves, the winners were: Mount Evelyn, Olinda-Ferny Creek, Upwey-Tecoma, Wandin, Monbulk, Gembrook Cockatoo, Yarra Glen, Seville and Yea.

The Under 18s: Winners were Gembrook-Cockatoo, Mount Evelyn, Upwey-Tecoma, Alexandra and Monbulk.

Division 1 Seniors Football

Mt Evelyn 12.17.89 d Healesville 13.9.87

Mt Evelyn have a share of fourth spot on the ladder and have racked up their third win for the season after a close encounter with Healesville. Mt Evelyn got off to a great start kicking 3.9 to 2 straight but kept Healesville in the game with their wayward kicking. Healesville won the second quarter, kicking 6.3 to 4.2 to be down by only 2 points at half-time. The third quarter was all the Bloods with 4.3 to 1.3; they had all the run and looked like they were going to run away with it going into the last change with a 16-point lead. Mt Evelyn got a blast at three-quarter time and it certainly worked; they came out and outplayed Healesville all over the ground kicking 4.3 to just 1.3 to come away with a 2-point win.

Mt Evelyn Best: T. Chalkley (4 goals), A. Gibbons, A. Chalkley (1 goal), T. Scopel, J. Beamish, J. Barden (1 goal)

Healesville Best: A. Fraraccio, D. Plozza, J. Nugent (5 goals), N. Mende

Olinda Ferny Creek 18.12.120 d Emerald 8.13.61

Olinda Ferny Creek are still ladder leaders by percentage but share the 1st spot with Wandin & Upwey Tecoma after another good win. The first quarter was a real slog with neither side able to kick a major but the honours went to Emerald with a 1-point lead at quarter time. The second quarter was just as tough with Olinda winning it with 3.3 to 2.6 giving them a slim lead of 2 points at half-time. The third quarter was tough contested footy but Olinda managed to extend their lead to 7 points at three-quarter time and it was still anyone’s game. Was Olinda going to be put to the test in the last? What Olinda were doing in the first three quarters was anyone’s guess, but they came out a different team in the last and piled on 9.5 to 1.1 to come away in the end with a convincing win by 59 points.

Olinda Ferny Creek Best: M. Hottes, D. Wilson, J. Charge (5 goals), C. Brown (2 goals), M. Wright (2 goals), D. Troutman

Emerald Best: A. Quirk (1 goal), J. Pedder (3 goals), J. O’Sullivan, S. Semmens, B. Wood

Upwey-Tecoma 28.15.183 d Warburton-Millgrove 7.7.49

Upwey-Tecoma sit third on the ladder, one game clear and sharing top spot on four wins. They never looked in trouble from the outset and at qtr time were leading by 27 points. They kicked 8.2 to 1.1 in the second to be 74 points in front at the main break. They kept the foot on the pedal in the third with 7.7 to 1.2 to be heading into the last well in control. Another impressive last quarter with 7.2 to 4.1 and Upwey had won by 127 points and a percentage boost of 36.41. Upwey-Tecoma Best: D. Waters (12 goals), D. Bell (7 goals), T. Holland (1 goal), K. Grenda, B. Oates, N. Waterman

Warburton Millgrove Best: T. McKail (1 goal), M. Read, B. Clinch, L. Barnard, J. Walker, L. Spaulding (1 goal)

Wandin 26.19.175 d Belgrave 8.8.56

Wandin sit third by percentage but are one of four teams sharing top spot after their win over Belgrave. Wandin got the early break by 25 points at quarter time and were never in doubt from quarter time. The third quarter was an even contest but Wandin kicked 6.4 to 4.2 to extend the lead to 39 points at the main break. They kept the pressure on in the third, with another 6 goals to 3 and turned home in the lead by 61 points. A massive 10-goal last quarter and Belgrave went down in the end by 119 points and gave Wandin a percentage boost of 24.82.

Wandin Best: J. Ladner, H. Byrne (3 goals), J. Van Unen (9 goals), T. Merlino (4 goals), P. Bruzzese (2 goals), C. Johnston (3 goals)

Belgrave Best: P. Gough (3 goals), M. Sproules, J. McDermott, T. Stubley, J. Brown, M. Brown (1 goal)

Monbulk 15.13.103 d Woori Yallock 9.9.63

Monbulk have notched up their second win for the season after a surprise win over Woori Yallock sit fourth on the ladder while Monbulk are in seventh and only 1 win away from them. Monbulk got the jump on a lacklustre Woori Yallock kicking 5.3 to 1.2 and looked in control from the outset. They increased their lead to 30 points at half-time and were looking good. The third quarter was toughly contested with neither side giving an inch, Woori Yallock won the qtr by 1-point. Monbulk found the open spaces in the last and kicked away with 5.4 to 3.3 to celebrate a 40-point win.

Monbulk Best: C. Griffiths, K. Linde, P. Barge, S. Williams (2 goals)

Woori Yallock Best: B. Arnold (3 goals), B. McDonald (2 goals), J. Matthews (1 goal), M. Wright, R. Allen, J. Aitchison

Division 2 Seniors Football

Gembrook-Cockatoo 23.20.158 d Thornton Eildon 2.7.19

Gembrook sit fifth on the ladder by percentage with their third win for the season after accounting for Thornton on the weekend. Gembrook played a consistent brand of football all day kicking 6 goals in the first to 1 and had a lead of 30 points at quarter time. Another 6 in the second and it was game over at half time with a 64-point lead. Thornton could not manage a major in the third and were outclassed by a fast running Gembrook who added another 4 goals to their score. The last quarter was all Gembrook with 7.4 to just 1 behind. Thornton will be hurting but will bounce back next week.

Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: D. Volta, D. Scott (2 goals), A. Shipp (7 goals), L. Scott (2 goals), L. Henzen (1 goal), D. Leversha (2 goals)

Thornton-Eildon Best: J. Sloane, W. Cody (1 goal), T. Bail, D. Creed, J. Scotland, J. Strachan

Yarra Glen 16.16.112 d Powelltown 12.6.78

Yarra Glen are 1 game clear on top and undefeated after Round 5. They travelled to Powelltown and started the day off with a 6.7 to 2.2 first quarter and a lead of 29 points at quarter time. It tightened up in the third with Powelltown winning the quarter by 1 point. They also won the third quarter, kicking 4.1 to 4 straight but could not make any inroads into the margin. Yarra Glen regrouped in the last to run out winners by 34 points.

Yarra Glen Best: J. Marks, B. Binion, J. Donald, D. Hurley, R. Gurney (3 goals), W. Goodwin

Powelltown Best: B. Traynor, R. McCrimmon (2 goals), J. Moore, B. Wratten (2 goals), J. Garthwaite, T. Humphries

Seville 19.18.132 d Alexandra 6.10.46

Seville share second spot with Yarra Junction but are ahead by percentage of 73.40. Seville got the early lead by 13 points at quarter and never really looked in trouble from then. They kicked 7.2 to 1.3 in the second and extended their lead to 48 points at the main break. Alexandra were all at sea in the third and could only manage three behinds while Seville added another 4.3 to be well in control heading into the last. Another consistent last quarter by Seville and it was another win for them.

Seville Best: N. O’Keefe (12 goals), J. Wilkinson (2 goals), G. Fraser (1 goal), J. Nolan, B. Penwill, A. Wind

Alexandra Best: J. Brereton, B. Woollard, B. Cooper, S. Steiner (1 goal), C. Heaslip, S. Woollard

Yea 16.13.109 d Kinglake 7.4.46

Yea sit fourth on the ladder after a good win over Kinglake by 63 points. Yea got the early lead, kicking 5.4 to 1.1 in the first to be in control at quarter time. Kinglake kicked 1.2 to 4.1 in the second, but could not hold the young guns of Yea and found themselves 44 points behind at half-time. Kinglake outscored Yea in the third, kicking 4.1 to 3.3 but the margin was still 40 points. Yea got moving again in the last and held Kinglake to 1 goal while they kicked 4 to bring home a solid win in the end.

Yea Best: R. Timmins (1 goal), H. Jarvie, J. Ryan, J. Salau, P. Evans (3 goals), N. Beattie (3 goals)

Kinglake Best: J. Butterworth (1 goal), J. Hamilton (1 goal), J. Orchard, J. Crowe (1 goal), L. Hannah, C. Booker

Yarra Junction: Bye

Under 18s Football

Gembrook-Cockatoo 18.13.121 d Emerald 5.1.31

Mt Evelyn 11.9.75 d Healesville 8.10.58

Healesville Best: L. Scott, K. Brown, C. Boeder, M. Renouf (1 goal), B. Cummins (1 goal), C. Wright

Upwey-Tecoma 6.9.45 d Warburton Millgrove 2.7.19

Upwey Tecoma Best: C. Jones, T. Johnson, A. Bartils (1 goal), K. Bell, J. Goldie, J. Fox

Warburton Millgrove Best: A. Nelson (1 goal), T. Walker, B. MacDonald, R. Nyko, J. Cahill, J. Pride

Alexandra 9.8.62 d Wandin 7.12.54

Monbulk 13.10.88 d Woori Yallock 8.4.52

Division 1 A Grade Netball

Upwey Tecoma 39 d Warburton Millgrove 29

Belgrave 43 d Wandin 42

Olinda Ferny Creek 96 d Emerald 27

Woori Yallock 56 d Monbulk Hawks 35

Mt Evelyn 48 d Healesville 25

Division 2 A Grade Netball

Gembrook Cockatoo 44 d Thornton Eildon 23

Powelltown 56 d Yarra Glen 41

Seville 51 d Alexandra 32

Kinglake 51 d Yea 49

Yarra Junction: Bye

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