Kindness is coolest

Amber Wilkinson and her two sons Chet and Nash.

By Jed Lanyon

Yarra Glen resident Amber Wilkinson is the creator of ‘Kind is Cool’ clothing label.

Kind is Cool was founded with the intent to lead by example and show the younger generation that being kind is cool by selling clothing emblazoned with positive messages with the hope of ending bullying.

Mrs Wilkinson said she started Kind is Cool six months ago with the goal to spread kindness and positivity.

“I have two boys, and I’m very aware of the current climate of violence against women and violence against men.”

Mrs Wilkinson said she originally designed the clothing just to be for her own two children.

“I was kind of sick of the messages on mainstream T-shirts… I made them with the intent for them just to be for the boys.”

Mrs Wilkinson said she almost threw the idea away after her own experience of being bullied until her sister asked for one of her T-shirts, leading her to re-design the T-shirt she had previously deleted.

Now $1 from every sale of her T-shirts goes towards the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, helping keep children safe from violence.

Mrs Wilkinson partnered with Steph Luck to launch the online campaign ‘National Be Kind Day’ on 2 March using the hashtag #standuptothebullies.

“We wanted to be uplifting and to change the way the internet is used… ignoring bullying means it has no consequences,” she said.

Using Instagram, the pair contacted several celebrities and agents in the hope of using their star power to further promote the message.

And the response was overwhelming with Jimmy Barnes, Bec Judd, Kate Cebrano, Alan Fletcher and Chris Cheney all getting involved by showing their support online or donning the ‘Be Kind’ shirt.

Mrs Wilkinson said the response was incredible and was surprised at how quickly some celebrities wanted to help out.

You can purchase Kind is Cool clothing from: