Embracing body image

Upper Yarra Body Image Group at Healesville''s The Memo.

By Jed Lanyon

Upper Yarra Body Image Group screened a documentary at Healesville’s The Memo on Wednesday 6 March.

‘Embrace’ is a documentary that looks at body image issues and the pressure society and social media places on people to strive for unrealistic body shapes, which can result in mental health issues and eating disorders.

Embrace has been shown worldwide and has been widely praised as being an excellent way to open the conversation about body dissatisfaction and the potential associated health problems.

This event was hosted by the Upper Yarra Body Image Group, funded by a Community Development Grant by the Yarra Ranges Council and by Eastern Access Community Health.

Some 100 Year 10 students from Healesville High School, Cire and Little Yarra Steiner School attended with their school welfare teachers and were greatly supported by many of the local health care providers.

After the screening, the various service providers introduced themselves and informed the students how to access local services if they have any issues causing them distress.

Once the students returned to school, debriefing sessions were held to allow for discussion of the film and any issues or topics that the film raised.

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