Vandals steal BMX bikes

Eastfield BMX Club members.

By Jed Lanyon

Vandals have trashed Kilsyth BMX clubrooms, while stealing four expensive bikes, a leaf blower and even sausage rolls earlier this month.

Following the weekend of 1-2 March, Eastfield BMX club members arrived to find significant damage to their clubrooms.

Eastfield BMX secretary Joh Schaap estimates the value of the lost bikes between $1500-2000.

The vandals were able to enter the rooms by tearing through tin and insulation on an office wall and then manage to force down a door and break into the locked bike room.

They attempted to steal a ride-on lawn mower but abandoned it in the car park outside.

“My daughter was there when we got the call we were quiet shocked and sad because it’s their club… We were shocked that someone would do that,” Ms Schaap said.

Ms Schaap said that a lot of the members at the club are younger and that they are now at a disadvantage due to the theft of the bikes.

Ms Schaap said that the wall had been temporarily patched while waiting for it to be properly fixed by the council.

The search is still on for the four stolen bikes.

“The bikes have serial numbers like cars do but they haven’t appeared yet,”

Ms Schaap hopes that someone will recognise the stolen bikes and inform the police.

Eastfield BMX Club has pleaded to those involved to return the stolen bikes to the club.


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