A slippery slope

The car was at risk of tipping over the edge. 195044 Picture: ALI DARRINGTON

By Jed Lanyon

Emergency services were called to reports of a car overhanging an embankment along Healesville-Yarra Glen Road at around 2.15pm on Tuesday 25 June.

Healesville resident, Olene, had attempted to reverse out of her long sloping driveway only to have her car slide and momentarily lose control.

Olene held her foot on the brake until a police officer arrived advising her to move the steering wheel to prevent the car from slipping any further.

Fortunately Olene was able to climb over and out the other side of her car.

Police attending the scene believed that recent rainfall softened part of the driveway, causing the car to slide closer to the edge.

Police, CFA, SES and ambulance services arrived at the scene.

Olene thanked those who came to her aid as well as a passer-by travelling from Hurstbridge who provided their help.

Tow trucks were able to safely remove the vehicle out of danger.