Aerobics teams to represent Victoria

Launching Place Primary School 2019 aerobics team. 195048 Picture: JED LANYON

By Jed Lanyon

Launching Place Primary School will once again be flying several aerobics teams to Queensland to represent Victoria at the Schoolaerobics National Championships in August.

The school had four teams and a solo performer earn qualifications for the eleventh consecutive year.

One grade six team has now made it to nationals for all of the four years they have been eligible to compete.

Aerobics captain Chelsea said she enjoys the aspect of teamwork in aerobics.

“We have done this since grade three and we’ve made it to nationals every year.

“We are all just really grateful for our coaches putting in the effort for us.

“Now that I’m in grade six and I have had so many practices and stretches… Ms Nyman has made all of us really flexible and has us so much stronger.”

Amarli, who is also an aerobics captain said, “I get really nervous and then when you get on there and start performing, but you feel a lot better because you know that you do it all the time so you get use to it.”

Art and PE teacher Candice Nyman has organised the Launching Place aerobics program since 2008.

She said that every team that qualified to compete at the state finals in June had been invited to compete again at the nationals later this year.

“It’s become a bit of a culture at the school, even the little preps and grade one and twos are wishing to aerobics when they are older.

“It’s developed a lot. When we first started our grades five and six wouldn’t be able to do what the kids are doing now in grades three and four… Their skill level has advanced.”

The aerobics team spends every recess and lunch break training to compete.

School principle Narelle Messerle said that students start the program at the end of year two onwards.

“We are very inclusive of kids with disabilities being part of the program too.”

One grade four student, Angus, doesn’t let his amputated leg stop him from performing with the use of his prosthetic leg.

Angus will be doing a solo performance as well as a team performance at this year’s national championships.

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