school unveils wooden mascot

Jaycee Anna and Gabriel with the new wood carving mascot. 197887 Picture: JED LANYON

By Jed Lanyon

Don Valley Primary School unveiled their new school mascot in exciting fashion on Thursday 5 September.

The school had a log carving created featuring a lyrebird and an echidna, as well as the school’s logo.

Don Valley student Gabriel said, “At the start of the year I came up with the idea of having a mascot because our school was kind of bland.

“I had a big chat with Ms Gunther and she agreed to it.”

The students started a fundraiser by sticking gold coins to a large table, until they had raised $250 to put towards the project.

Fellow student Anna said that the school had been eagerly anticipating the mascot wood carving.

“It’s so good, for a while we asking, is this ever going to happen?

“It took a lot of effort and money, but it looks great now that it’d finally there.”

Gabriel and Anna assured the Mail that they had done their research on the different mascots of neighbouring schools to make sure that Don Valley Primary School’s new mascots were unique.

They said the wood carving would be a symbol of pride for the school going forward.

The students said that the lyrebird and echidna were chosen as they are Australian native animals which also inhabit the Don Valley area.

The school was thankful to receive donations from the Rotary Club of Healesville as well as Woori Yallock Community Bank.

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