Sun Festival to brighten up the weekend

Marlowe and Pepa with Geoffrey Lawrence and Chelsea McNab. 196734 Picture: ROB CAREW

By Jed Lanyon

Yarra Valley ECOSS will be hosting the Sun Festival on Saturday 21 September, which will feature many activities, including a display of electric vehicles.

The festival will celebrate the sun, solar power and the theme of sustainability and will highlight how different cultures celebrate the sun.

One feature of the Sun Festival will be the Great Ecological Wheelbarrow Race where an adult and child team undertake great ecological challenges with prizes to be won.

The event will host the official launch of the Dr Annie Yoffa signage project that will honour her extraordinary life, including a musical performance by 8Foot Felix.

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) will end their Victorian electric vehicle (EV) tour at ECOSS where 20 electric vehicles will be on display along with Tesla power walls.

AEVA’s Bryce Gaton is touring Victoria in his EV and is looking forward to sharing his experience to those looking to learn more about this growing industry.

“It’s a chance to find out about EV’s from those who have been there and done that.”

Mr Gaton said that many countries such as Norway, France, the United Kingdom and others have already committed to solely producing electronic vehicles in the future.

“I just drove from Melbourne and Sydney and back and it’s quite doable, much like using a petrol car now.

“I would only have to stop for a 30-45 minute break while charging… it doesn’t really slow you down.”

Mr Gaton said he looks forward to answering all kinds of questions about EV’s at the Sun Festival, while helping dispel the idea that owning an electric car can be difficult.

“The main thing is trying to prove that long distance driving in an EV is just as easy in a petrol car and will continue to get easier as days go by.”

Other performances at the Sun Festival include The Dreaming Space Circus, MOOP Patrol, Climate Angels, Jayda Holman, Arvo and Tomi, Alpha Bravo1 and Yarra Valley Drummers.

The Sun Festival will include magic shows, an eco-market, a climate change art exhibition, tiny houses on display and clay play.

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